Weekend Style Challenge – Use a Patterned Garment or Accessory


Create an outfit using a pattern - weekend style challenge #insideoutstyle

Welcome to the first Inside Out Style Weekend Style Challenge.  It’s new, it’s fun, and it’s your chance to share your style!

The weekend can be a great time to have a moment or two to refect on your style.  There may be less restrictions on what you can wear (if you have to stick to a uniform or dress code at work) and express your style.  Rather than just getting dressed into the same old casual outfits you regularly do, why not take this opportunity to have some fun with your casual weekend style.

I’ve been inspired to start a weekly weekend style challenge where wonderful Inside Out Style readers share their style through their social media channels using the hashtag #insideoutstyle (so that I can find your efforts and feel free to tag me as well). Show us all what you’ve learned or are learning from the blog and inspire other women to have some fun with their wardrobe and share their weekend style.

Each week the style challenge will relate to a blog post.

This week it’s the post I wrote on using a scarf or patterned garment to create a colour scheme for your outfit which is the theme for this week’s style challenge.

Use a patterned garment or accessory to build your outfits colour scheme
You may remember this shrug – which I made – instructions here on how to turn a square scarf into a shrug


Create an outfit around a patterned garment (include that garment in your outfit of course) then take a quick selfie and share your outfits on your social media account ( you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter please do tag me too) and don’t forget to use the #insideoutstyle hashtag.  Of if you’re not on other social media why not join my new Inside Out Style Lounge private facebook group and share your style!

You can use a monochromatic pattern, or one with two or more colours – whatever you like!

I can’t wait to see your style!

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  • Imogen
    Fine with the styling but you might have to do a blog post on hashtag -ing, tagging and Instagram for your EYS members who are severely challenge by social media in this regard. You will notice that none of the posts are hash tagged or tagging you. Just saying!

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