Why You Should Analyse Your Outfit




Want to become more stylish?

Want to refine your style?

Want to feel great and look fabulous every day?

Well it’s simple, take a moment at the end of each day to analyse your outfit.

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Spend some time at the end of each day thinking about the elements of your outfit individually such as:

  • fit
  • construction
  • fabric
  • colours
  • comfort
  • feel

(read all about creating a brilliant wardrobe which has lots of tips on what to think about)

And then also think about your outfit as a whole:

  • how well the elements worked together
  • if it was appropriate for the days situations
  • if you would enjoy wearing it again
  • if it represented your style recipe

If it passes your test  – that is you enjoyed wearing it and it was comfortable and suited the situation – then why not take a quick snap of it on your phone so that you can remember what it was that you were wearing so it’s easy to put together again another time.

Or if you use a wardrobe planning app you can save it in there as an outfit.

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