But I Only Wear it At Home Clothes


Why do you have a wardrobe full of only wear it at home clothes and how is that affecting your mood?

Do you have a bunch of “But I only wear it at home” clothes?

Are these clothes that you wouldn’t want to be caught in by friends, colleagues or an ex-lover?

Do you sometimes wear them  out of the house? On that quick trip to the supermarket (though you’d hate to see someone you know whilst wearing them)?

What is it about these clothes that makes you keep on wearing them? Super comfortable? Can’t be bothered?

Why do you keep them?

Is it because you have spent money on them and getting rid of them justifies the time and effort it went into earning, purchasing, shopping for them?

Is it because you don’t want to spoil your good clothes?   You’ve been brought up to keep your “Sunday best” for special occasions and every day is not special enough to wear something smarter that makes you look and feel fabulous?

I’d love for you to let me know the reasons why you have  “I only wear it at home clothes”  leave a comment about why you have them and when you wear them.

Now I want you to think about this…

What are they achieving for you?

If you’re wearing clothes that don’t make you feel good (in fact they are more likely making you feel bad, as research shows that what we wear affects our moods) then what are they achieving?  What impact are they having on your mood and your life?

Sure we all need an outfit or two to get bleach on or to garden in (these are not “only wear at home clothes” these are a purpose based outfit).  So why all the rest of these clothes?

There is research that shows that if we are feeling down we won’t wear an outfit that we associate with feeling good!  Now that’s kind of crazy, when you think about it.   If you want to feel good, you can put that great outfit on and it help to change your mood to a more positive one!

So do you really need to be keeping all those “only at home” clothes?  I want you to think about how they are affecting your psyche before you reach for them and put them on.

Let me know what it is that makes you keep and wear them and how they really make you feel!

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  • My “I only wear them at home clothes” are shorts and sports bras, sometimes a tank top. I live in a super hot and humid climate, for example, it’s 9:14 am and it’s 30º C/86ºF with 70% humidity. I have gardening/housework clothes too.

    I generally don’t go out and about in shorts, unless they are dressier, but my at home wear is cute and comfortable. I do change into nicer things if I go anywhere.

    I want to thank you for all the wonderful hints and advice on your blog, my wardrobe has never looked better on me. People tell me that I look younger and ask, “what have you done?”. Funny what wearing the right colors will do, I was still wearing colors that had looked great on me when I was younger and my hair was darker.


  • I do not have much only wear at home clothes, and I do not often form emotional bond with clothes, but I had this one stripe knit hoodie that I just could not part with for the longest time. When it was new and nice, it was a great smart casual piece. Then it got worn a LOT, and after a while it was not “smart” anymore, but it was still ok to take hiking or camping in the woods. After a while it was not just worn out, but it started to had holes here and there and I did not wore it to even camping or anywhere outside the house. It became my DIY clothes what I wear when paint things or do very dirty cleaning . To be honest it was almost a rug when my husband asked me what a is so special about it that I am still wearing it? Then I throw it out, beacuse it had really nothing special about it. it was just a stripe tee with a hood.
    I also have a couple of short shorts that I wear in the back yard at the summer for playing water gun fight with the kids. I probably should just wear bathing suit as that is what they wearing, but I just rather wear the short shorts.

  • I put on “home clothes” straight after work. (I actually have a discrete capsule of athleisure type wear for this. But it only takes up ~ 10% of my wardrode) While I don’t use them to bleach the bathroom, I do wear these to do light housework (cook dinner, hang out washing) and hang out with my family (sit on the floor and play with lego or go to the park). The better of these clothes – typically knit dresses – can be dressed up with accessories to look stylish (although probably not really formal). In these clothes I feel “productively relaxed”.

    I think there’s lots of different ways that we need to feel great – from “I’m going to ace that presentation” to “This is going to be such a fun party” to “Let’s have a restful day, curled up on the couch reading a book”.

  • Most of my clothes are “only wear at home clothes.” They are a couple pairs of jeans, about ten all-cotton tee shirts (unshaped), and for the all-important third piece, I switch between two sloppy flannel shirts in colors that don’t flatter. I always have this outfit on around the house, where I spend most of my time because I work there.

    They are comfortable, yes. The all-cotton shirts are the only ones I’ve found that are comfortable enough to not have to wear a bra underneath, so there’s that style breach as well. I don’t have to worry about the clothes staining from grease or other kitchen splatters, getting in the way when washing the floor or rummaging around in the closet. They’re easy to wash and dry, and can take many washes and dries and still be serviceable. I can also lean my elbow on my worktable and not be concerned about wearing out the flannel.

    I’ve been feeling as if I “should” change, as if I’m getting too old to be so lackadaisical about my appearance. I’m trying to come up with ideas for better-looking stuff to wear indoors. Although I can’t say it makes me feel bad about myself, when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I do look more of a fright every year.

    I purchased a pretty cotton sweater to attempt to replace the flannel shirts. It sat unused, so I searched the internet for a flannel shirt in more flattering colors (warm and low contrast), but so far haven’t found anything.

  • My eyes bugged out of my head when I read the title of this post. Yes, I do have some clothes that I call my “at home clothes.” They seriously get worn only at home–never to the grocery store, as they’re more like jammies. I mostly wear them when it’s cold and I get home from being out and my only concern is warming up–mostly Juicy velour pants and fleece zips. Summer is so much better because I can be comfortable at home wearing shorts and tanks that are presentable. I don’t always need to change clothes when I get home. I don’t feel like it affects my psyche, as it is merely about warmth.

  • Sylvie, I was similar at home, as I was an outdoors person. I joined a volunteer group and started noticing different personal styles. Some, whether I admired them or not, we’re not my personal style. I transitioned from over-size event logo T-shirts to T-shirts with a flattering neckline and, as you mentioned, a flattering color layered shirt. Got rid of bad fitting shorts and pants. A signature accessory, such as the earring or necklace or bracelet or belt, became the finishing touch. Put your daily accessories where you can see them. Choose one, even on a stay at home day. I was never embarrassed before, but felt even better after doing the changes.

  • I finally decided to retire my last only-worn-at-home item that has had holes and stretched sleeves for the last several years. It’s a super soft cardigan in the most yummy shade of chocolate brown. I purchased it for a date with my husband during a rough spot in our marriage. The night was unpleasant for me but I felt pretty in my new sweater and it became a sort of comfort to wear, thereafter.

    My husband and I have a great relationship now, and the sweater’s sleeves have gotten so long it’s ridiculous. I plan to save the buttons and turn the sweater into a cleaning rag.

  • I have 2 Golden Retrievers and they shed no mater how much grooming I do for them. So I DO have at home clothes otherwise I would be constantly “grooming” myself as well!
    Most of the “home” clothes are bottoms & I can get away with a few light coloured tops that don’t show the hair as much. Also, if I need to duck out to do shopping, I can easily change a top, as bottoms are not so noticeable!

  • Actually I WANT “only at home” clothes. My average day consists of gardening, housework, studying etc. all within the confines of my home BUT I also have a young dog to walk several times in the course of the day and/or quick errands to run and I don’t want (or always have time to) change clothes from work to walking. What, oh what, do you wear in public that can hold up for everyday chores?

    • There are many outfits that are comfortable and still look smart. At home clothes are usually the sloppy, ill fitting, old fashioned, unattractive clothes that people don’t want to be seen in. Instead choose a well fitting pair of jeans and a well fitting tee. When you go out, you can add a scarf if you want to smarten up the look.

  • I have certain clothes that I wear only at home because they are easily washed, which is a requirement for me because I have to wear something that can take all kinds of stains including dog and cat hair. Not to mention the numerous food stains I get on them although I do not consider myself a sloppy eater. When I am doing housework, I always get my clothes dirty. And no matter what I do, some stains just will not wash out. Better to sacrifice the old sweatpants and T shirts, than the good clothes.

  • My “only wear at home clothes” are pajamas and other really comfy things that I love to wear and do make me happy, but do not look appropriate for public wear. For example, I have some leggings but I only wear them at home because they don’t feel modest enough to wear in public. Also some oversized, soft t-shirts, because I love how they feel and fit but they look sloppy. I also have a French Terry sage green hoodie which I love. I expected to only wear it at home, because I thought the color would look awful on me, and to keep it clean (I bought it to replace an old robe since I find robes annoying). I love the color and since when I’m wearing it, I don’t see the color next to my face I didn’t care. It didn’t turn out to be as bad as I expected though, so I do wear it for errands on occasion.

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