Why You Should Embrace Your Wrinkles


Why You should embrace your wrinkles - powerful TV ad from Gruen

This ‘pretend’ ad was made for the Australian ABC TV show about advertising called  Gruen . Each week the show challenges ad agencies to make an ad to sell the most difficult things. I think that this ad to make wrinkles sexy is one of the best I’ve seen and has a great message for all of us, which is why I’m sharing it with you here today.

A campaign to make wrinkles sexy.The winning Pitch from our season final, care of Ron Mather and the team at It’s The Thought That Counts.

Posted by Gruen on Thursday, 12 November 2015


A powerful message for all of us to remember in under 40 seconds! I didn’t get my wrinkles from doing nothing! How about you?



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  • Thanks for that Imogen. I just added a few more wrinkles crying at the beauty and truth of this ad. Shame its not a real one. Love how you make me think and feel. Merry Christmas. XXXX

  • Brilliant – thanks for sharing. I still remember seeing an older woman on a bus in Newcastle upon Tyne and her wrinkles seemed to show that she was a disgruntled, miserable woman. I vowed then to keep on smiling, whatever life might bring. Now I’m 68 and yes, I have wrinkles, however the ones round my eyes are laughter lines and the ones around my mouth are from smiling.

    • I had a similar experience on a train, watching the woman sitting opposite me and all her wrinkles had a downward appearance and I remember commenting to my friend how she looked like she’d had a very unhappy life. I want those upward ones from smiling and laughing!

      • Sad really but she may have had no choice. Many things are outside our control. She may have had a lousy, negative family or a cold, demanding husband. Pity you didn’t go over and give her some encouragement. I bet you could have turned those wrinkles upside down.

  • My mom got more beautiful with age because what radiated from inside her, it actually made her so pretty on the outside, even into her 80’s. It forever changed how I looked at aging and wrinkles. Young looking girls had nothing on her.

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