8 Refashioning Ideas For Your Clothes Plus More Weekend Reading


8 ideas to refashion your clothes

  1. Lots of great DIY t-shirt projects on this blog – love this one though I wouldn’t cut the stripes as widely if you don’t want your bra-straps showing.
  2. Turn a long sleeve tee into a cardigan 
  3. Make and infinity scarf from an old tee
  4. Create a cute open-backed sweater from a boxy old jumper
  5. Make a kimono
  6. Turn your old baggy pants into skinny ones
  7. Turn a polo shirt into a skirt
  8. Use braiding to make an oversized shirt fit

And on other topics:


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  • Dear Imogen,

    During the last few days I’ve been studying your posts on vertical body proportions and “where to end a tunic” to help me figure out how much to shorten a too-long tunic and am feeling confident now about how it looks. I’m also thinking that you should get a doctorate for all your research and writing and presentation, never mind an award for philanthropy, to add to your list of awards and achievements – big thanks! Fins

  • Oh no. I’m literally cleaning out my closet right now. We’re loading up the car to go donate 4 large bags of stuff.
    Now I have to bring it all back in to refashion!!!

    Seriously, though. I love your blog and videos.
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Thank you so much for including my clothing swap story in your weekend reading list, Imogen. It’s interesting how what I thought would be a pretty benign experience led to some powerful realizations. I hope your readers like my post and I look forward to reading some of the other articles you have linked to.

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