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scarf jewelleryBy Ms MakeItOver Bernadette Lis

The new scarf jewelry findings are great and a lot of fun! (They bring order to my disorderly folding!) I have only experimented with the “center tube” type and not the beads yet. Since they came as a trio in the package, I decided to keep one intact so that I could add pendants to it and broke off the other’s hanging ring so that I would have a more plain one  for more casual wearings.

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I removed the bottom ring from the scarf ornament by rocking it back and forth  off with the pliers and sanding it a little with a nail file.  You could use sandpaper but I usually have a strong nail file handy.  I have just started using the ornament and have found the long rectangles handy for it.  I  just folded lengthwise and threaded through the tube.

Folding a square (I don’t have one, scarf folding is minimal for me!)  into a triangle and then rolling the scarf into a big long “curl” seems like a good option too.  I have ordered scarf “beads” to experiment with, but it takes about a month to get them.  For scarf jewelry, I think the long rectangles and thinner fabrics (polyester, chiffon, silk) work best as opposed to a winter knitted scarf or bulky fabric.  I will freely admit that I am not the best with scarves usually using them to hold my hair back or as an accent instead of a necklace!

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