Real World Relaxed Style – Loose Pants and a Knit


loose pants and a knit

Today I’m sharing the real world stylings of a bunch of fabulous women who are modelling their version of Loose Pants and a Knit  (and that’s a loose guideline given we are in climates from around the world!) from my recent post on 10 comfy casual outfits you’ll want to steal and try out.  So you can see it can be done for both summer and winter (as well as spring and autumn).  From harem pants to wide leg palazzo, they all fit the “loose pant” bill!

loose pants knit top 2


Loose pants knit top 3

Loose trousers and a knit top


You can see that everyone does it to their own personal style, from the more refined, to the more relaxed, more creative to the dramatic!  There is no one right way!



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  • I feel that loose pants really look best on women with pear shaped bodies who are very small on top. The style looks best on the lady with the black and white pants. Everyone else looks like they get a bit lost in the roomy garment. Just my opinion, though. Love the colours on you!

  • These examples look nice overall but the crotch area can be tricky. Loose pants in solid fabrics tend to create challenges. There’s a risk of the crotch-area fabric seeming too tight next to the drapiness of the hips and legs. On the other hand, the crotch can also look too baggy when there’s too much fabric overall. One way to make any of these pants work better would be to add a tunic top that covers the torso to the top of the thighs, as in the woman wearing the deep blue top and teal pants in the third row down, first picture.

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