Are you holding onto a time in your life that is now past?

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  • A philosophical topic. I always feel like I am meeting myself from 6 months ago when switching summer/winter wardrobes (I store the other season in plastic bins). Of course it makes sense to stay current. At the same time, the effect of bringing in past parts of yourself is interesting. And then there’s sentimental value; my mom passed away when I was 22, and for a while I’d think of stuff I was wearing as ‘she had bought it for me or she had seen it’ vs. ‘stuff i got after she was gone’. I still hang on to some things she or other relatives gave me for sentimental value; I suppose putting it in a separate location/container from daily-wear clothing makes a lot of sense though.

  • Very interesting article, as usual. I do have a very old couple of pieces, but some are bags, which at this point can be classified as vintage and still look beautiful, one is a 20 yo blazer I used to wear at University, which I decided to bring to a tailor- it’s too big for me now anyway, and she’ll reshape it too. My problem is – what to do with stuff I still love and which is not dated yet, but starts to look tired. I know I should replace it slowly, but with a little baby shopping is a rare event. So I keep eliminating this stuff without replacing it, and my clothes and my options become less and less…

    • It’s hard with a baby – but sometimes you need to ask you partner to look after the baby on the weekend or whenever he is home from work, so you can go out and look after your needs.

  • Hi Imogen,

    I’m so glad to see you state that shopping (not excessive shopping) is looking after your needs. Thank you for saying that. By the way, I enjoy reading your blog and your styling tips are so spot-on. Thank you,

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