What I Wore and Some Weekend Reading 24th January


turquoise dress pink shrug

I wore this blue dress and pink shrug to run a workshop for Look Good Feel Better.  Lovely bright colours to liven up my day!

Navy and mint


Navy and mint were the colours of the day.  I made the turquoise necklace (did you notice I’m doubling up?) and wore it with my Uberkate Inside Out Style necklace.

Boo radley chiffon

Hot summers day required a light chiffon dress from Melbourne brand Boo Radley.

I’ve shared lots of my travel tips here, but I thought these from Ann-Marie from The House that AM Built are also great to share.

I was lucky enough to get to know Chris Carroll of The LIfe Creative while I was in Dubai and he’s got lots of great interior decorating tips (which I’m getting rather obsessed with as I’ll be renovating my house this year. Now I declutter wardrobes, but he’s got great ideas on how to decultter your house to help make it more stylish. Check them out

On the topic of decluttering (we did a bunch of it just before our wedding as we had the reception at our house) I also wanted to share this post from Candice of Vintage Current who shares her tips as she is currently doing a major declutter of her house.

Need some inspiration of how to cook a cauliflower? Why not try cauliflower Spanish Rice – super healthy and delicious.

I love getting letters, the old fashioned kind, in the mailbox outside my house (not bills of course, but lovely cards and personal mail from friends!) and I love it when someone goes to the trouble of making some stationery. Now it’s not too hard to do and can also be a great project to do with kids so have a look at this post on how to make stationery.    Feel free to send me a card or letter!

Loved this post on Already Pretty about how to grow up your style.

Wardrobe orphans are a no-no in my book so I loved this post on how to prevent wardrobe orphans.

Love to know what you’ve been reading this week and which posts (anywhere in the bloggosphere) that you’ve enjoyed!  Please share a link in the comments.


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