Buy a Dress and I’ll Donate to Find a Cure for Ovarian Cancer


Last year, I participated in Frocktober to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research. It’s a disease that yesterday killed my friend and sister-in-law Penny after a 7 month battle with the disease.

Penny and I at a family lunch on the 7th of January this year
Penny and I at a family lunch on the 7th of January this year

Only recently I was reading that Ovarian Cancer only has a 5 year survival rate of 43% (compare that to Breast Cancer which has a survival rate of 90%). Ovarian cancer receives only $1.3 million per year in funding as compared to the National Breast Cancer Foundation which has a yearly income of $24 million (which is why they have done so much fabulous research to find cures), so very little research can be done to find a cure.

Sadly, ovarian cancer is a silent killer. Most women don’t realise they have it til it’s too late, plus, like my friend, there are chemo resistant strains that we have no cure for at present. Each year in Australia 1400 women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and 1000 of them die.

I’ve made the decision to donate all my affiliate income (a source of income that allows me to spend my time blogging and sharing for free so much with all of you) from sales from Verily to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.  Leonie, Verily’s designer, was kind enough to donate a dress to me last October for Frocktober, plus donated to the research and as a small independent Australian designer who makes great clothes for women of all shapes I want to support her efforts too (fashion is a tough business).V

Verily has their new Autumn range out (lots of short sleeves if you’re coming into Spring too) with some really flattering styles to consider out now – check them out and remember when you buy using one of the links from my blog which will make part of your payment a donation to find a cure for Ovarian Cancer.
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