How to Accessorize Your Casual Tops


How to Accessorize a Peasant Top

Hi Imogen,
I have an accessories question. I have several peasant/grandpa tops that I’m an absolute nut for, but I never quite know what accessories to wear with them. They are definitely on the relaxed side, & I tend to live in them with jeans in spring & summer, so I like to use different accessories to change the mood.
Can you please help with ideas?



Casual tops like peasant tops and t-shirts when paired with jeans are a comfortable and relaxed look, so you don’t want to accessorize with any jewellery that looks more formal, such as sparkly cut stones or more formal shiny metallic jewellery.  Instead look for brushed metals and more chunky necklaces made from natural materials such as wood, coral, turquoise or even larger plastic beads.

You can also wrap a scarf loosely around your neck.  Find one in a soft cotton with a print that you love in collours that flatter.


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  • Nice, that’s exactly how I accessorize. I’m a relaxed/casual with a hint of creative and feminine. Love scarves especially – cozy and pretty! And semi-precious stones come in such a wonderful array of colors, and don’t cost very much. And wood is just nice to wear. 🙂

  • Another wonderful article! I tend not to wear accessories, especially necklaces, with casual wear in an effort to keep the look casual and not an unharmonized mish-mash of casual and dressy, but now I’ll know the kinds of materials I can look for to elevate my weekend looks. Thanks!

  • I love this look! I regularly wear a scarf or chunky necklace but I’m never sure what type of earrings to wearing with a chunky bead neck lace. I usually end up wearring gold or silver hoops which I think looks fine but I’m wonering if wearing earrings in the same stone as the neck lace to matchy…? I have some earring/necklace sets but the earrings get very little wearing.

  • I love this look too! Accessorizing outfits is always a challenge to me. but using scarves and chunky bead necklaces with “casual” tops like done here make the outfits seem both relaxed, yet pulled together which I really like. What sort of earrings would go with these looks? Or is a statement necklace/scarf enough without any earrings..?

  • When I was younger I didn’t wear much jewellery and only wore scarves in winter when I was cold! However nowadays I feel naked if I don’t have a necklace or scarf on and I agree that they definitely “finish” an outfit.

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