How to Create Wardrobe Capsules for the Tropics


Hello Imogen

I have been a fan of your website for quite a while and enjoy all your useful tips . Great job!! I live in Trindad and Tobago in the Caribbean and as you can imagine , it is rather warm. We have two seasons- the wet and dry seasons. I was wondering if you could do a blog on ways to dress for my season and how to create a wardrobe capsule for our season.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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Tropical wardrobe capsule

When you’re in hot tropical weather the last thing you want to do is wear layers. In fact, you may find that you also don’t want to wear much in the way of necklaces as it can feel heavy and hot, so instead look for tops with interesting necklines so that you don’t need to add extra.

Alternatively, find some earrings to draw attention up to your face.

Look for lightweight fabrics. You may need a light cardigan for when you’re inside in air-conditioning.

As you won’t be layering, you’ll need a few extra tops in your capsule. Just make sure that they all go with all your bottoms.

Instead of jackets, why not introduce some dresses which can be worn as stand-alone outfits and don’t need to work back with your tops or bottoms.


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  • Thank you so much Imogen! This is very useful. One thing more, we have quite a long wet season here and the roads flood with overflowing drains. Can I use boots and wellies as part of my wardrobe during these times?? Would that be ‘fashionable?!’

  • Love this post. I am going to Singapore in September with a 7kg baggage allowance and was already getting my capsule together. This has given me even more to think on. Thanks, Imogen.

  • Great advice, also, for those of us who don’t live in the tropics but do live with hot, swampy summers.
    I definitely can’t stand a necklace or scarf at the worst of those times.

  • Great info, Imogen! These tips are perfect for us in warmer climates who also have our own “personal tropical moments” and really can’t wear jackets or scarves.

  • I don’t know how I missed this post the first time around! Living in the Yucatan, this is exactly what I need. I look at all those scarves and jackets and sigh. It’s really only warm enough here for them 2 months of the year or if I’m travelling NOB (north of the border). I miss wearing jackets, it used to be my favorite way of pulling together an outfit.

    Though I’m only 5’2″ (159cm) tall, I’m really average to tall height compared to most people around here. I’ve never really worried about looking taller, I just want to look my best. I’m a cool winter, fairish complexion, dark brown eyes and dark hair with silver in the front. I have rather spectacular measurements on paper, 38-29-39 but am definitely a pear shape since my shoulders are narrow and my ribcage measures 30 inches. Since we’ve changed to eating real food and few grains, I’ve lost over 35 pounds (about 16 kilos), so my wardrobe is sparse and I think I like it that way. No one needs 5 black tank tops!

    Any additional advice would be sincerely appreciated!


    As a writer, I don’t need office clothes, but since I live in the capitol I want to look put together when I go out.

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