Is Barbie’s Body Even Possible?

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  • I’m surprised that the average women has the same waist measurement as her bust. Surely this is an error and they are both not 35″ as listed here?

  • That 35″ waist seemed strange to me, so I looked it up and the average American woman does indeed have a 35″ waist. While I think we can all agree that Barbie is unrealistically proportioned, it is a fact that the “average”American woman is getting pretty hefty these days. The average woman in the 1950s was 5’3″, had a 25″ waist, weighed 120 and wore a size 8 (equivalent to a size 0 or 2 in today’s sizes), whereas today the average American woman is 5’4″, weighs 145, and has a 35” waist and wears a size 12 (size 16 or 18 in 1950s sizes. We are a little taller and much wider these days, but I am not convinced it is Barbie’s fault.

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