Interesting Things About Colour


Colour surrounds us, and we a coloured experience is much more impactful on us than a black/white/grey experience.  We make buying decisions  based on colour.   Here are just a few interesting infographics and informational pieces on colour.

How we name colours

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Men and Women label colours differently.  Men tend to go for simpler names, and group more colours into the same name – red, blue, yellow etc. whilst women call colours by more nuanced names, such as raspberry, cherry, tomato etc.  Check out this fascinating graphic that illustrates how we name colours, roll your mouse over each colour dot and see who names it and what they call it.   How does colour makes us buy? Want to figure out how good your colour perception is? Do this colour perception test (by the way, it’s hard!). And want to test for colourblindness?  There is a good simple colour blindness test here you can do.


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  • My husband calls “white” any light colour and “black” any dark colour. Recently, he’s developed a new category for the very few colours he was undecided about: he’s started calling them “grey”… LOL!

  • That was a fun test! I got a zero. 🙂 I’ve always been good at perceiving colors and have thought of becoming a color consultant.

    I also really loved the link showing the difference in color naming by males and females. Not surprising, but still very interesting.

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