Sparkle for Daytime – FABruary Style Challenge


My daughter Niamh loves sparkle and wanted to do the Sparkle challenge with me today

Many of us were brought up to keep all things shiny and sparkly for nightime, but why not bust out some sparkle during the day?

Times have changed and the old rules don’t apply so why not think about adding a dash of something shiny to your outfit.

As shiny and sparkly draw attention to themselves, they are fabulous as ‘distractors’. These are elements or details that draw attention to themselves and draw attention away from other places (that you may wish to camouflage).

Wearing sparkly near your face is always good as it draws attention up and away from the rest of your body, making you look taller and slimmer.

But you can use sparkle to highlight other parts of your body.

  • Got a great waist? Why not put on a belt with some sparkle detail?
  • Got great gams? Wear a shoe that has some bling.
  • Lovely hands or fingernails? ย How about some glittery polish?
  • Think sparkly necklaces and earrings as well as rings and bangles.

The only rule these days is “don’t put shiny where you don’t want people to look”. ย Other than that, play with it and have some fun!

I sparkled… how about you?

In my outfit today I’m wearing a sequin shrug, which I originally bought to wear over an evening dress, but since I don’t go out to fancy dress up events often, and I like to get wear out of my clothes, I thought I’d pair it with a knit skirt and top and some sparkly, flat sandals.

What are you wearing sparkly today?


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  • Both mother and daughter look gorgeous in that photo, they positively … sparkle! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve updated my blog and would like ask your opinion regarding my different earrings (by clicking on the photo a larger version appears where the earrings are more visible).
    1. light pink that harmonises with the embellishment of the top
    2. very sparkly earrings – but the top is cotton and casual, the earrings are fit for a black tie event, do you think their levels of refinement are too far apart and they look bad together?
    3. green earrings (only ties in with the top in that green and purple are triadic on the colour wheel)
    4. you’d recommend earrings in another colour, which one, why?

    Thank you very much!!

    • I like no 2 – I felt no 1 was too busy, no 2 was simper in it’s shape, no 3 create a triad, but it felt a little irrelevant as nothing else was green (if you’d worn green shoes it would have done) if you wanted to do a different colour you could have gone for a plain silver. With a shirt that busy, no need to add more colour other than the colours in it.

  • What a gorgeous picture of you and your daughter sparkling together! I have realised that my winter wardrobe is sadly lacking in sparkle, apart from one black dress that is at the back of my wardrobe and which, if I’m honest, doesn’t look as good on me as it used to! I thought I had a sparkly scarf, but it was hiding this morning, so I had to settle on a grey sequinned top. The sales are still on – maybe I should see if I can find a sparkling winter top?

  • Hi ladies! No, I haven’t dropped out ๐Ÿ˜‰ On Saturday I decided to wear a sequined black top. It’s transparent and a bit dressy, so I wore a black gauze turtleneck underneath and a couple of pendant necklaces to create focal points between the neck and the beginning of the sequin design.To make everything more casual I added my go-to jeans and an eggplant cardigan. It was an unprecedented combination and I’m happy about having been pushed to wear a typical night-time garment in a more casual way.

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