What Image Consultants Wear at AICI Conference


As you may be aware, I’ve just spent the past week in Hawaii at the AICI 2012 Conference and I’ve been snapping away and taking photos to share with you.

So what do Image Consultant’s wear to conferences with their peers?

Some of the Australian and New Zealand contingent


More Australians





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  • Its encouraging to see everyone wearing their own personal style & using their own creativity & definitely lots of “bling ‘ (accessories) to highlight their outfits. I loved the colour & hardly any black – yay!! It was also great to see people of all different shapes & sizes looking fab!

  • Everyone looks wonderful – such diversity of style and body shape. One question though, Imogen:
    As an image consultant, do you feel at all apprehensive at these meetings, knowing that you are under the scrutiny of all your fellow experts?

  • You all look wonderful, and I agree with the other comment, thank goodness no black outfits!! Lovely colours all of them, great individual style and wow accessories.

  • Sorry, but I think some of these outfits are appalling, especially given that they were put together by an image consultant. Properly supportive undergarments are needed by some of these ladies, bright, shiny fabrics are flattering to few of us, and sometimes beltless is best. Others, Imogen’s for example, are tasteful and flattering.

    • Starr – one of the things we all need to remember is that we all have our own taste. Image consultants are all human, have their own personal style, likes and dislikes, and there needs to be someone out there for everyone.

      Personal style expression is as important to us as concealing any so called ‘flaws’ and sometimes the camera and an angle makes a shiny surface look larger than it does in real life.

  • Hi Imogen,
    In studying your photographs I’ve got to stay that in terms of wow factor I don’t think you can’t beat Jan Fischer here and the lady in the image above her looks hot too! And guess what they both would be in their 50s but they are the knockouts amongst their peers who might be more than 20 years younger I think. I am overall a little confused by some of the ladies choices Imogen. You’ve got us ladies who read you so sorted in our minds, Im sticking with your guidance .In your shots you look stylish and very attractive.- Effortless is your word that springs your mind. You look approachable and the sort of lady I’d feel comfortable with.If given my background in art history I did an assessment based along the guidelines you’ve shared with us,there would be some questions I’d have for them.

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