What I Gained from the AICI Conference in Hawaii


The View over Waikiki Beach from my Hotel Window


Aloha from Hawaii!

The AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) 2012 Conference is over, as is the AICI International Board strategic planning meeting, and how reflecting on why and I come to conference and what I’ve learned, I thought I’d share a little of my experiences and thoughts on what I’ve gained.

First of all, I’ll tell you that I’m exhaused, but in a good way. My mind has been brimming with ideas and thoughts, plus I’ve had the opportunity to network with colleagues and friends from around the globe,.

There have been plenty of fabulous outfits, as you’d imagine (and I have shared just a few of them here), and beautiful views, which I share today.

Coming to a conference a continent away is a big commitment, both in time and money, but each time I come I feel it becomes more valuable to me,

The friendships I’ve made are further cemented – and that is priceless. I have wonderful friends now in Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, the USA and the UK.  But not only that, these wonderful friends originate from many other places, from Switzerland to South Africa, it is truly and international conference!

I also get to spend time with Australian consultants, who I don’t frequently see, this allows us to learn more about each other and develop deeper friendships and business relationships.

I’m joining the AICI International Board, and we’ve spent this week in strategic planning meetings, so I get to give back to my industry, to share all the ideas I have to help make our industry more professional and respected.  I’m really wanting to help grow the association, to make it a truly global entity and to provide opportunities for image and colour consultants around the world.  My position will be VP Funds Development – so I’ll be looking for sponsors and ways to fund raise so that we can provide more educational opportunities for our members, translate documents into multiple languages, and provide the highest certification processes in the industry.   If you’d like to sponsor one of our programs please do contact me!


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