How to Get Rid of Pet Hair on Your Clothes


Cleo with her pink smiley face foot post vet visit as the pads on her foot had peeled off

Imogen, this seems an appropriate time to ask if you could do a post for those of us with pets please. The hair! It gets everywhere! Any tips on clothes to wear at home that don’t attract quite as much hair? I like wearing layered knits but they are not exactly practical when you have long haired pets as I do. Thank you for any help you can offer.  Siobhan


Having had dogs since I was a teenager I’m fully aware of the issue of pet hair.  I’ve always had whippets, who have short hair, but know the issue of hair can be troubling.

Smooth fabrics such as silk, satin, leather, polyester blends won’t have the hair stick to them in the same way that coarser cottons, wool, acrylic, mohair, and anything with a rougher texture will.  Denim doesn’t seem to have too much hair magnetism either!

Depending on the colour of your pets, you may find that wearing a neutral more similar to them makes the problem less obvious.

pet hair remover.JPG

One of my favourite tricks to removing pet hair from a suit jacket or the like is to wrap sticky tape around your hand (sticky side out) then dab at yourself free of pet hair.  Works like one of those lint removers you can buy. Great trick for at the office when you don’t have a lint remover with you!


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  • Thank you for addressing this issue Imogen – I have problems even with my dark wash jeans, being the owner of an Alaskan Malamute! During the seasonal shedding there’s only one solution: Get out of the house and have someone help using the lint remover all over my body! We buy lint removers in dozens. Every time I swear I’ll shave him clean – I’ve been doing so for more than a decade, so it’s hardly going to happen! Any new ideas are greatly appreciated!

  • oh my those are heartwrenching photos of cleo—i do so hope she is recovering from the privation and the emotional trauma as well. goes to show that we all need at least a few extra pounds just in case!

  • My hubby is allergic to most dogs, so we have a “maltipoo” and they don’t really shed. BUT I tend to attract lint and this is my go-to method at work. Cute dog btw! =)

    – Jewel

  • Double sided clothes brush: the brush side for the longer coarser hair, then the lint remover side for the finer hair.
    Also gettting the loose hair off the dog with a zoom groom brush first helps reduce the amount of fur I get on me!

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