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Rather than creating a list of New Year’s resolutions which I’m likely to break (and it’ll depress me) I decided instead to choose a couple of words to use and guide me this year in what I want to achieve and as inspiration.

The words I’ve chosen are Balance and Growth.

As a single mother, I don’t tend to have heaps of balance in my life and I’ve figured out that this is not good for me.  Sure my health is fine right now, but if I keep going the way I’m going it won’t be and so I chose balance to remind me that I need to take care of myself as well as everyone else and my business.  Since having kids I’ve really done little exercise, and as I’m getting older it’s really not a good state of affairs so reminding myself to create some balance and take out the time to go for a walk or to the gym, and that this is not a waste of my valuable time (as I’ll be working on my health which is hugely important) is something I plan to spend more time doing this year.

Growth was chosen to inspire me to work toward my goals – instead of frittering time on inconsequential matters, instead to focus on high value activities in my business.  My time is limited – with two primary school aged children to look after, and bills to pay, mouths to feed and roofs to keep I need to ensure that my time spent working is as productive as possible in ways that will make our lives better and more abundant.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you avoid them completely?  Is there a word or two that could inspire you to have a great 2012?  Please share!


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  • I love this idea of choosing inspirational words rather than forming resolutions! While resolutions feel like things I MUST do, with the accompanying feeling of failure when I get side-tracked, it’s easier and more freeing for me to focus on the words I’ve chosen. I make better decisions because I can evaluate how an option fits my ‘word’ (i.e., taking the bus or walking to the supermarket: which aligns more with my focus on health?) instead of telling myself the other option is bad or that I can’t have it. That kind of thinking is limiting and just makes me want the ‘bad’ thing more!

    Life is about slowly learning, changing, and growing over time, not creating more rules for yourself to follow, so it makes sense to try an alternative to making resolutions. Of course, setting short-term goals can also be very useful, especially when their purpose is to help you along the path to your inspirational words (i.e., To improve my health, I’ll learn how to do 100 pushups by the end of April.)

    It would be great if you could keep us posted on your progress throughout the year! And if you need an encouraging word when your motivation’s running low…just ask. 🙂

  • I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re based on a flawed assumption that you can only start something new on one day of every 365. Every moment is an opportunity to change. Making the decision to make an improvement isn’t something you just do once – you have to make that decision repeatedly.

    Some of my efforts are focused on sewing. In the past I have sewed costume pieces, special occasion clothing and an assortment of simple useful household items (though not in any great quantity). Now I’m making an effort to sew mostly ordinary clothing that I can wear daily rather than buying clothes. I have the “not buying” part down, but am still struggling to produce garments that meet my standards! I have to assume that if I keep trying I’ll eventually get there. I have learned a lot already but there’s a long way to go.

  • Great minds think alike because I also decided to choose a phrase for the year instead of making resolutions. My phrase is “give feedback.” So far I’ve written a letter to a VP of a major corporation expressing my displeasure in the company’s service, offered opinions on several products on Quirky (good and bad) and today I’m writing here because I love Inside Out Style and I learn something from practically every article you post! Thank you.

  • I made a New Year’s resolution this year for the first time since a rather dismal failure… It’s all about doing something little for myself every day.
    I love drawing but since the birth of my daughter in 2009 I’ve rarely made time for it. So this year, one drawing a day.
    And if I don’t finish for some reason? Well I’ll still have done something I love but have neglected, just for me. And I think that’s a pretty darn good resolution.

  • My Resolution this year is “to conquer fear”. My motto for the year is “regret feels a whole lot worse then fear ever did”. Every day I’m faced with little things that I have avoided, but no more. Last week I swam out to the pontoon at the beach and jumped off with my hubby and kids. I was always to nervous to do it, but boy was it fun! Plus my kids thought I was “the coolest mum ever!” for doing something like that with them. It’s a good feeling beating something that has always beat me. 🙂

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