The New Revolution in Beauty


Maybe she’s born looking this amazing?  Or maybe not … just love this video – watch it through to the end.

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  • That video is hilarious – and not at all funny. I love the mascara commercials on TV with the footnote: lashes in this ad were enhanced with false lashes… Maybe we should lobby for Health Warnings on manipulated pictures? “This woman actually looks 20 years older than pictured”; “FS removed 35 pounds of flab before publication”; “29 pimples were erased from this face.” Thanks for sharing!!

  • That is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen, and it will definatly be watching it when i’m feeling less than pretty. I remember the scandal a few years ago when Victoria Secret were caught using just a bit too much fotoshop and had accidently cut off a models arm, but not realised before the photo was published…hilarious!

  • Nice video to highlight what really goes on. Like another commenter said, these mistakes sometime get published and then the company really looks foolish.

    Why not keep it real and not give people such a high expectation of how they look, that they can never meet it.

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