What’s Your Favourite Colour


Schiaparelli Suite at the Mayfair Hotel in London

What is your favourite colour? Why do you love it?

I have two favourite colours at present – one is hot pink – it’s happy and vibrant, exciting, fun and feminine but strong.

Little Apple Green Bag

Then I also love Apple Green – which is fresh and new, while still calm. It is about growth and change too.

Those words that I use to describe these colours also describe me and how I’m feeling right now. I really feel I’m in a growth phase of my life at the moment, but am still having fun and am happy.

How about you? What are your favourite colours and how would you describe them? How do they make you feel? Please share!


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  • I’m not sure I have a favourite colour or that I ever had. I do rather like red – a strong red red, nothing orangey or wishy-washy. I love blues for decor and am also using a lot of white in my decorating now that the children are all grown. Of course I mainly wear black and look atrocious in pale blues. Your two favs reind me of my Mum who longed for a bdroom tricked out in those two colours against a white background.

  • I love cobalt blue and turquoise (the fabric color, not the stone color). I also like fushia. I feel happy and alive, but also peaceful when I am around those colors.

  • I can tell it’s hot where you are! My favt colors change (with seasons as well as other reasons). These days it’s teal (warm yet calm) and plum (warm and cozy). Basically going for pensive and cozy.

  • My favorites are red (blueish red, not orangey) and fuschia. Mostly because it seems like whenever I wear them, people comment on how pretty I look. So I guess those are good colors on me.

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