How to Get Smooth Hair


I got a comment on the weekend from one of my lovely readers asking about my hair and how it gets so smooth, so I thought I’d share a few pics and a video on how I do my hair as it doesn’t start out quite so nice!  Excuse the terrible bathroom lighting!


Wet hair – some air drying

So this is what it looks like after I’ve washed it – before I dry – my hair is kinky, not straight, not curly, and tends to go frizzy if I don’t dry it.


after blow dry and straightening irons

And here it is after I’ve blow dried it, then also run the straightening irons over it – you can see I still have a bit of frizz on the top.


nice and smooth after application of Moroccan Oil

And then I smooth some Moroccan oil (about 1/2 of a 1 cent piece, just a tiny dot does it)  over it to smooth down the frizz.

And here is a short video of my blow dry technique – called the head wrap technique that my hairdresser (Mick from Biba in Doncaster) taught me.

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Now my hair is fairly fine, though as it’s greying it’s getting coarser.  Because it is fine and shorter, I have to wash and dry it every day as otherwise it looks limp and greasy the second day.


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  • My hair went from stick straight and shiny to coarse and frizzy from covering my grays. I found two things this year that have made a huge difference. The first is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Creme. It’s amazing how soft and smooth it makes my hair feel.

    The second thing I discovered was an (old to hair stylists but new to me) trick. When I have my monthly root touch-up my stylist also applies a clear gloss hair color product over the rest of my hair.

    These two products together almost make me feel like my hair, at least, is 20-something not 50-something.

  • Thanks for the tips. My hair is much longer than yours. I wear the bottom half in it’s natural wavy state. However the top part stays straight and the tip about the Moroccan oil will help with my frizz there.

  • Brilliant tip! For silky hair I apply henna on my hair after mixing 2 tablespoons of fenugreek powder in it. After the wash my hair gets super silky. Will surely use your tip!

  • Just be careful with the oil and the flattening iron. Too much (heated) oil may have a “deep-fryer-effect” on your hair and destroy it.

  • Nice guide, I have very shiny straight “stuck to my head” looking hair so natually want to take it the other way but never have time in the day, only on a night out!

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