Final Dressember Wrap


Final week of Dressember 2011

Today is my final Dressember wrap – after spending 31 days in a dress what have I discovered?

  1. On cold days I miss my jeans.
  2. You tend to always look a little more ‘dressed up’ in a dress.
  3. I have less washing – one garment not two, what a bonus that is!
  4. There are a few dresses in my wardrobe that I elected not to wear – so I shall be getting rid of them as they’re obviously not ‘me’ anymore.
  5. A couple of the dresses I wore need some small alterations to make me love them more, and then I’ll get more wear from them.
  6. It wasn’t too hard – I really enjoyed wearing dresses for a month – though if it had been winter I would have found this a much more difficult task.
And you may notice that I’ve been getting some use from my B-strings – which have also been featured on Channel 7s Today Tonight program and you can get your b-string here.
What I wore – clockwise L-R from top
Karina Gala dress in Navy with Red b-string
No name dress with Black B-string and glass jewellery by Jen’s Studio
David Lawrence dress with Wild Bling necklace
Diana Ferrari dress
Bay of Islands New Zealand

I’m spending New Year’s Eve ┬áin the Bay of Islands in New Zealand with the lovely Jan Fisher and her husband and friends.

My internet connection is limited and I’m having a holiday – so I shall be back with lots more posts mid- January and would love you to email me your questions that you’d like covered in future posts.


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  • It is winter over here and I have no problem wearing dresses most of the time. Cotton or wool tights, boots, a nice cardigan, warm coat and I am happy to go. It hasn’t been freezing yet though, I would rather wear trousers and walking boots on real cold days so my toes don’t get cold.

  • You look beautiful and confident in all your dresses and the combinations with necklaces, shrugs, different shoes etc. I don’t own a dress at all, I wear mostly separates, skirts with different tops, trousers with other tops, cardigans etc. You have inspired me to buy a dress or two. I get a lot of static electricity with these man made fabrics with skirts that cling as I have to wear support hose now (shudder!) because of ugly varicose veins, and spider veins over my feet to my toes! I can’t wear sandals anymore. They need covering up, thank goodness there are some brilliant tights for this around. In summer, trousers are best to cover the legs or a maxi dress so I can do without the tights. You have inspired me to have fun with fashion and sort out my wardrobe so that I can mix and match and have fewer items hanging in a very small cupboard which aren’t worn.
    Love the pictures of your visit to New Zealand, what a beautiful country.

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