Shop Local and Beyond: 30 June 2011


The Bold Bracelet Etsy Shop

Shop local:

How many of you want to wear neutrals that aren’t black?  Lots of women realise that black isn’t all that flattering to everyone, specially as we get older, but where to get non-black neutrals from?  At the moment I’m seeing lots of soft taupes, beiges and browns at Portmans, a few at Jacquie E and a whole load of green greys and khaki around lots of shops in the local malls.  Make sure you look for it – it’s out there now.

Crowds outside Zara

I was in Melbourne CBD, surprised at the crowds that still gathered a week after the launch of Zara in Melbourne.  Instead I went and checked out a little boutique called Hello Gorgeous which is in Royal Arcade Melbourne CBD and managed to pick up a great necklace tree to hang lots and lots of my necklaces on.  They also had some groovy hats and berets for $10, worth popping into next time you’re strolling past.

And Beyond this week:

I’ve fallen in love again with bracelets and bangles, not sure if it was all my focussing on writing about them and all the other accessories in The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing, but I’m mad keen on them at present.

Want a statement piece?  A great focal point?  Highlight your wrist with a bold bracelet from The Bold Bracelet Etsy shop.


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  • Hurray for shopping local and independent!

    I don't wear bracelets much anymore because they bring attention down to my hips. Makes sense? I'm an X with a long rise.

    – tall & slim anon

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