How to Look Smarter and Get that Job


how to look more intelligentAccording to a study done by the British College of Optometrists found that wearing glasses to a job interview improves your chances of getting hired.

The research found that 43% of people think that those who wear glasses are more intelligent. ¬†We also assume that glasses wearers are quiet and don’t cause problems, other attributes that may be seen as positive in a job interview situation.

So it may be worth ditching your contacts for glasses next job interview.

A great pair of frames that are memorable can help you stand out from the crowd, but old fashioned glasses frames will make you look nerdy or geeky, choose wisely!

The current trend is for ‘nerd’ frames, which really only work on the super cool and young and funky, if you’re over 40 be very careful of this trend if you look at all conservative in your appearance.

For some tips on choosing the right frames for your face, here is a post about PD and frames. and some thoughts on frame style.


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  • What about metallic wire frames? I don't usually wear mine out of the house that much so I went for something classic (unlike my purple-and-green glasses from middle school!)

  • LGJ Whether frames are made of wire, acetate or some other product, as long as they are modern in styling and flattering to your face, go for it!

    Duchesse – yes it's Demi Moore, these glasses are the current geek trend, not something I think is flattering, particularly in evening wear!

  • Brad on the Rachel Zoe Project wears glasses that my daggy cousin used to wear in the 70's. I laugh everytime I see him on screen. It's also funny to see celebrities wear glasses to look smart. Thanks for this post. I personally feel more confident wearing my specs but now I need them for both long and short views – age.

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