What Does Your Partner Think About You Wearing Makeup?


attitudes about makeupDo you wear makeup?  A lot? A little? Everyday? Only to work? Never at work but on the weekend?  Only going out somewhere special?

My ex-husband would have preferred I wore no makeup.  He said he liked to see the face that he got to wake up to each morning.  I once worked with a man who said to me about women wearing makeup “If the barn door needs painting, then paint it!”.

What is the attitude of you wearing or not wearing makeup by your significant other?  Do you conform to what he/she prefers or do what you want anyway?  (I still wore makeup every day, even though  it wasn’t his preference).


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  • I wear makeup to work and "in public". I'm 53, have some skin issues, a skin cancer scar on my nose, and feel invisible without mascara. Yet, the first weekend I spent with my now-husband he told me repeatedly how beautiful I was when I was just out of the shower with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup at all. So, when I come home at night I take it all off; and on weekends I wear the minimum I feel comfortable with.

  • My guy thinks I'm beautiful regardless of if I wear make up or not, but he likes it when I get dressed up and always notices when I do something special. So I've never felt pressured to wear more make-up than I want to, but when I do put on more than usual he comments on how pretty it looks. I think it's a good situation for the both of us!

  • I'm the same as Anonymous, but I've gone through a new era since having my daughter. I spent an hour getting ready for high school in the mornings (!), realized less is more in my career days in my 20s (although I still wore makeup to work and in public – I would NEVER leave the house without mascara!), and now, as long as my hair is done, I feel like makeup is a bit of a luxury that I enjoy saving for church on Sundays, girls' night on the town, and dates with my hubby. I enjoy applying and wearing makeup but I feel much more secure with my looks since becoming a mom and my priorities have shifted from myself to my daughter. It's empowering! BUT, there is a difference between this and "letting yourself go." I have vowed to NEVER do that!

  • My husband doesn't offer opinions in that area, whatever I want to do is ok with him. In other words, he's cool with it either way. I don't wear a lot, or a minimum…I'd say it's closer to less than more though.

    I think makeup can be fun, and since it adds some definition to my blonde/light coloring, it adds a certain polish any time I dress for work, a social event, or whatever I go out to do. (If I'm just going to be at home all day I don't wear any.)

  • What an interesting topic!
    I remember reading about a survey (some time back now, don't recall where) canvassing men's views on women and makeup. I was quite surprised to read that a clear majority of the men surveyed preferred to see their female partner without makeup. In particular, they felt most positive about kissing their partner when their partner's skin was makeup- free. I also recall that these men had generally not communicated their views to their partner, because they wanted to avoid appearing to criticise – and also because they did not feel it was a matter of real importance in their relationship as a whole.
    Since reading that survey I've felt quite reassured to think that men are more than happy with women's faces "au naturelle". If true, it means that we women can use makeup because we feel like it, not because we can't keep a man interested without it.
    I'm very curious to see whether your survey/comment results will turn out be similar to these!

  • I don't have a partner at the moment, but I can share my previous experience. I wear makeup on regular basis – it is visible, but I try to avoid the stage makeup look. So, no heavy makeup for me, even when going to a party.
    I think that makeup softens my face, and it conceals its flaws (such as really dark under-eyes). I've got so used to having makeup that now I feel nude without it. Plus, I've noticed that I'm far more attractive to the opposite sex when I wear it. The guys can tell whatever they want about it, but I know I'm getting more of their attention when having the makeup.

  • The poll, while I voted yes he likes me to wear makeup, isn't really his opinion. His is a bit deeper. He likes my face no matter what, but he likes the way I apply makeup. He loves when it's subtle or when it's more dramatic for evening, but he just appreciates me.(maybe why we've been married for 38 years) He would never insist I do one or the other. It's my face.

  • My husbands (ex- and current) both prefer me without makeup. I wear mascara alone about 65-70% of the time, and go without makeup entirely most of the rest of the time, so it's really not an issue. When we go out on a date I usually add a bit more eye/lip color, and he doesn't complain until the next morning (when my face is a mess because I don't often take off my makeup before bed!).

  • My He-weasel tends to say that I don't need makeup. However, I do notice the days he says I look "really nice" are the days when I have made a lot of effort in the hair and makeup department.

  • My husband doesn't like me to look "painted" so I wear powdered mineral makeup, just to even out my skin tone. And he doesn't mind mascara, which is what I feel naked without. But he hates the taste of lipstick (*wink*), so I never wear that.

  • My guy has never specifically asked that I do or do not wear makeup, but I get the general sense that he likes a face that looks mostly "natural," but with some good eyeliner. That's perfect for me, because I tend to go for a more natural look but get a little fancier with my eyes on the weekends. I actually really like how our tastes mesh. I think the only thing we disagree on is lipstick – he is NOT a fan.

    I think he appreciates what makeup can do, but still wants to recognize me once it's off. And I think key in all of this is that he has never made me feel like I actually *need* it. He compliments me the most when I'm fresh out of bed, which makes me feel better about myself than any amount of spackle and pigment could do.

  • I think what men often mean when they say they don't like make-up, is that they dislike a face that looks obviously painted, but if nature just gets a little help and they don't really notice it, it's perfectly fine, maybe even preferable.

  • My DH loves how I look without makeup and never pressures me to wear it. What a relief! I hate wearing that stuff. 🙂 However, I know he'd be totally supportive if I decided to wear a bit of makeup, as he loves me for who I am rather than what I look like. He's a keeper!

  • A good question! I have never asked and I don´t think I will ever even ask. The makeup I wear is for me, just for myself. Just a small amount of eyebrow pencil does wonders, as does some lip contour. Without these and my studs, I feel naked.

  • My partner doesn't care either way but I do receive the most compliments fresh out of bed. As an ex-makeup artist I wear makeup most days and always when going to work or going out. It just adds polish and I consider it no more than brushing my teeth and taking a shower.


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