How to Make Your Own Tinted Moisturiser


how to make your own tinted moisturiserWhen I was away recently a few times I wanted a tinted moisturiser, and of course I didn’t take one with me, and I often find it hard to find the right shade of tinted moisturiser for my skin anyway.  Then I remembered the old trick of mixing in equal portions your regular moisturiser with your liquid foundation (which of course is the right shade already) making the perfect tinted mosituriser.

What is great with this is that if you want a sheerer coverage, just alter the ratios between the foundation and the moisturiser.

It’s an old trick but a good one.

What are your favourite makeup tricks?


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  • I just tried this. I had some of Clarins new foundation that had quite heavy coverage. When I mixed with moisturizer, it was PERFECT. What a great idea.

  • A brilliant idea! I´ll have to try this one.
    I use my blush on my eyelids and lips ( just a bit ). A good kajal can be used as an eyeshadow, for eyebrows and gently as a lip contour pencil.
    A neutral body lotion with a drop or two of your favorite perfume ?

  • I squeeze my cheek's skin with my fingers in elevators. I'll take this oportunity to thank you for a very good tip you gave us a few months ago and that I adopted: Mixing soda bicarbonate to a cleansing lotion to make a face exfoliant! There also we can dosify!!! I use it and my skin is cleaner. When travelling it is great, especially that I already used it for brushing my theet once in a while, mixing a small amount to the toothpaste. Unexpensive and more ecological!

  • I love doing this! Plus I like that I can alter how sheer my "tinted moisturizer" is. I go heavier on the foundation when I want a little more coverage, heavier on the moisturizer when I just want a hint of color!

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