How to Pick a Fake Handbag


Elegant outfit. Brown leather bag in female hand

You’re perusing ebay looking at ‘designer’ handbags, how do you spot the real from the fake?  Some tips to consider:

1. Pictures – if the pictures are stock photography (professional, from the designer’s website, the same as everyone elses) then it’s most likely fake.  Ask to see photos of the actual bag that you are buying, have them take multiple photos at different angles plus detailed pictures of the stampings, zippers heads and date code/serial numbers.

2. Price – if it’s way below the price on the designer’s website then it’s probably fake.  If it’s new season and it’s already on ebay, then chances are it’s fake.  If it’s on any website other than the designer’s it’s also likely to be fake.  Many labels like Chanel don’t even sell their bags online.

3. Date Codes and Serial Numbers – check them out with information found online such as this for Louis Vuitton,  and this for Chanel.

4. Get Advice – there are people on who can help you to figure out if it’s real or fake, go there and ask for advice from the experts there before you bid.

5. Trust Your Gut – if you think it’s fake, most likely it is.  If the seller is selling lots of designer bags, chances are they’re fake rather than if it’s just a one off that someone is selling.


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