Embrace Life


A little off topic today, but just to let you know, we got the first lot of pathology back on my son’s tumor and it was benign and they got it all, so that’s a relief. Life is precious, so is health.

It’s important to embrace life, and do what you can to keep those you love safe and out of harms way. ┬áThis is a great message told in a beautiful manner.

Embrace Life commercial – remember, always wear you seatbelt when in the car, and ensure everyone else in the car is wearing one too.


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  • that's wonderful news. I am so happy for you. We had a health scare with our daughter when she was 13 and until we that pathology report, well I'm sure you know.

  • I am so happy for you. I had a benign health scare about 10 years ago and I have to say it was one of the worst and also the best experience of my life. Till today, I am forever grateful of life on a daily basis. That is one beautiful adv. All my hugs to your son.

  • Imogene I know you are elated and feel that a terrible burden has been lifted from your heart…it does give you that "let's go out and get some ice cream" celebration feeling, and all you have to do now is just sit and relax. Here's to future great health and enjoying it!!!

  • Oh, Imogen! That is such wonderful news – I am so happy for you! Thank you for letting us know – I have been hoping and praying for you. (I know well what you've been through, having faced a similar ordeal with my 12 year old daughter and also on my account. That one word "benign" is the world.) Hugs to you and your son!

  • Oh Imogen! Such a sigh of relief. I have been thinking all along. I hope your boy has a wonderful year and your little family regroups and normalcy returns. Good normalcy. Sending hugs and kisses from California.

  • Imogen, waiting must have been terrible for you. What a relief! I'm very happy for you and your family.

  • What wonderful news!

    Feels a bit odd to say "congrats," but since that's what I say when someone has finished something grueling, I am sticking to it.

    Happy celebrating….

  • Oh that is wonderful news. I have been through this with two of my three children (one bad, one good) and I know the waiting is the toughest part. I'm so glad you had good news.

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