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OFF TOPIC: How’s your Happiness Project coming along, girl? I’m finally starting my own and would love to know what stage you’re at, yourself, at the moment.

To answer S – thanks for asking:

Given my busy training schedule of late (I just spent a fun week with Pauline from Malaysia who came all the way to Melbourne to learn how to do Personal Colour Analysis – if you’re over there and need a consultant, let me know and I’ll pass on her details), which has left me little time for blogging and reading, I thought I’d update you on this.
What is making me happy is that my life is pretty calm at the  moment for the most part.  The kids and I are adjusting to our new family arrangements (we have a friend and her nearly 12 year old son living with us to help pay bills/mortgage).  Kids see their Dad every weekend too which gives me a little time to myself.   Also, since the separation my ex and I are getting on much better than we have in years, so there is much less stress there for me too which makes me happy.  That we’re both able to have a harmonious separation for both the kids and ourselves makes me proud, as so few marital breakdowns seem to go down this path.

I am learning to play the Wii which we got for Christmas – I’m very bad at it, which makes the kids very happy as they can beat me at whatever we’re playing.   I often get so ‘busy’ with life and household chores, I don’t always take the time out to play with the kids.

It’s autumn here and I’m enjoying watching the leaves change colour on the trees – we have a gorgeous liquid amber tree in our front yard which at the moment is all shades of gold and red and completely glorious.  
Over the past few months I’ve been trying to clear some clutter from my life (all the experts say that a clutter free existence makes you happier), and it’s true, though I have some way to go – lots of baby stuff and bits and bobs still to get rid of, but a bit at a time is all that I ask of myself.
Also I’ve had my image consultant course certified by AICI, which is something that I’d been getting around to for some time, so it’s great that it’s been done finally, another tick on the to do list.
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What has made you happy lately?


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  • Honestly? Reading style blogs is making me happy these days. For many years, I just gave up on my love of clothes. Blogs like yours are helping me slowly take more interest in my style again.

    Gorgeous weather here in the Northern Hemisphere is making me happy. Tulips, lilacs and pansies throughout my city. Spending time pulling weeds in my garden, even.

    Tories probably returning to power in the UK. Going on long walks. Reading a number of great cookbooks I took from the library, with no pressure to actually prepare any of the amazing recipes I peruse. All of these make me happy.

  • Oh, and congratulations on working on successfully co-parenting with your husband. Separation is a strain and too often the children are made to suffer. I hope you're both proud that you're both actively working towards taking the high road.

  • That picture looks familiar! 🙂 displaying all my favourite colours…
    I should start a 'happiness project' so that I can be mindful about being positive & happy at all times. Consciously counting our blessings is a blessing itself; and it's great that you're doing that!
    Looking forward to more posts from you blog, which makes me happy!
    And thanks for the little note of referral to me.


  • s – thanks – glad that you are finding that reading style blogs makes you happy!

    Pauline – I love that tree, even if it does mean lots of mess and cleaning up when all the leaves fall! Being conscious and counting blessings is great for your soul.

  • Isn't it amazing how well we seem to traverse the difficult and treacherous waters of life. And also how wonderful you have found a love in your field that you do so well. This can set such a fabulous model for your kids – do what you love and your life will be so much better and happier. But honestly it shows in the passion of your writing that you love what you do.

  • Reading this blog is always a bright spot in my week! And my adorable little family. Other than the hubby, it's all girls here and we have a lot of fun.

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