Sugar Doll Award – Merci!


Lovely Metscan has bestowed upon me the Sugar Doll blog award.

As a recipient, I must divulge 10 aspects of my life and/or personality; the giver should mention the person who bestowed the award ( please re-read the above ). The reader then passes onto 15 blogs she loves and finally must notify the new winners.

  1. Even though I shop professionally for others, when I shop for myself I prefer to shop alone.
  2. Even though I have a large shoe collection, I’d rather be barefoot.
  3. I can make all sorts of huge decisions about my life relatively easily (I think lots about them, but then act), I am almost paralysed about making a decision when choosing from a restaurant menu.
  4. The only breed of dog I really love is the whippet, otherwise I’d probably prefer a cat.
  5. Hot pink is my happy colour – I tend to buy  file folders and rubbish bins and pin tins and the like in it.
  6. I sometimes look at my kids and wonder whose they are as even though I’m over 40 I still don’t feel old enough to be a mother.
  7. Tidbits of my life are in Nick Earls’ books – my dog plays Elvis the whippet in Perfect Skin, and my Dad also makes an appearance.  My name is used for a character in 48 Shades of Brown, as is my brother’s name and the colour I used to dye my hair.  There is an incident involving hair dye and a hotel room in The True Story of Butterfish that actually is a retelling of something that happend when I was Nick’s publicist and we were on a book tour.
  8. I love talking on the phone to friends, the time I like to talk best is between 5 and 6pm, after 7pm I’m over talking for the day, unless out with people, this is my quiet time.
  9. I hated the film Titanic, I spent the entire time wishing the boat would hurry up and sink, and wanting Leonardo di Caprio’s character to get on with it and drown.  I also hate and never watch horror films, I do love comedy, but generally not the slapstick kind.
  10. I am terrible at sport, and just don’t care who wins.  When I was at school I was always last picked for teams – this did not help my self-confidence.  I don’t watch any sport, nor care about the outcome, not Olympics or anything, especially not AFL (which seems to be the Melbourne religion).  I think sports people are overpaid and are not ‘heroic or rolemodels’ at all – they are just people who happen to be good at running, fast, or kicking balls, or jumping – that does not make them better or more worthy people than the teachers at my kids school, or the receptionist at the doctors, or anyone, pretty much – now I’ll get off my high horse.

Now I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs – so rather than list  – if you’re on my blogroll consider yourself awarded.


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  • Totally love this post – I couldn't agree more with you about sport and talking on the phone and the film Titanic. Man, that movie sucked. I hate any movie when bad stuff happens (but that movie legitimately sucked).

  • Hilarious! I utterly loved Titanic. The Silver DVD version that I have has a different ending where you see all those who died attending a wedding under the clock. Such a surprise. I howled my eyes out. And the music was so lovely (I can feel K.Line hurling virtual tomatoes at me…)
    By the way, am I on your blogroll? I couldn't see one but I know you have my button ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you Imogen for your rapid movement concerning the `Sugar Doll Awardยด! You and me have lots of things in common. Looking so forward your next post, what might it be?

  • I don't know if she actually created it, but leave it to Metscan to bestow such an adorably named award. Thanks for sharing it with us on your blogroll.
    Great post! I also love to shop alone when it's for me. Don't know why that is. I also think professional sportsters are incredibly overpaid (and many are undereducated!) And I would have never guessed about your indecisiveness when it comes to ordering. Thanks for the glimpse into your personality.

  • I also hated the Titanic. "Sink, baby, sink", I think was my encouraging words.
    And, how cool that you are in a book. You live such an interesting life.

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