Happiness is … Communicating and Colour


This week I found happiness with friends – my best friend from university (I met her on the first day of uni 22 years ago), we were each others bridesmaids, and I’m a godmother of her oldest daughter (now 12) came down to visit from Canberra with her 3 daughters and husband.   It was great to actually have the time to chat, the kids all played together (it’s school holidays) and had a great time.

Also, I’m so excited, the new colour system I’ve been working on for the past 4 months has finally arrived from the printer after many test print runs.  This weekend I’ll be putting together my new swatches.  Interestingly, it was the friend who visited me this week who was one of the inspirations for the new colour system, as I’d never felt completely happy that the swatch I’d given her was quite right, but there hadn’t been any other options that worked at all for her.

While she was here I draped her with the drapes for my new system and I was so excited to find that the group I created because of her worked well for her and she loved the colours more than the other ones I’d given her originally.  I then draped the rest of her family and quickly worked out what suited each, they liked the colours too.

For me this week, happiness came from seeing the results of hard work.

What made you happy this week?


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  • Sometimes happiness is found in small places like lying on the couch with the cat and a good book when you're full of cold! But it's important to find those small moments when it would be too easy to give into the miseries so thank you for this theme.

    How do the new colours differ from the old? Should I book another session with you and be 'redone'? Not that I'm unhappy with the old colours but it's good fun and so informative!! And nearly 3 years ago.

  • What made me happy this week was a few days of cooler weather, anticipation of this weekend's work with Karen, planning a 50th birthday dinner for my husband and thinking about what to pack for Paris.

  • Woo, so I'll be getting a cutting-edge system when you do my colour consultation in about two weeks! That makes me happy!

    I'm also happy because my research is starting to show results, too. Sometimes happiness is a line graph. šŸ™‚

  • After my first music class with a particular group of kids, one of the girls came up to me with a big smile and said, "I looovvveeee what we did in music today!!!" So sweet.

    Then one of the boys said, "I didn't like it." Heh!


    I'm intrigued by your new color scheme, Imogen. Will you be blogging about it?

  • Having my best friend move back into town makes me happy! After a year away, she's finally back for her final year at university. I'm so glad to have her back her with me!

  • In the northern hemisphere, where the nights are beginning to be cold, happiness is snuggling in bed reading late in a paid of warm, slightly fuzzy and sadly style-free pjs!

    Colour system sounds great, look forward to hearing more.

  • This week my kids and husband made me happy. Erik is eight today and seeing him bounce around on his new pogo stick made me giddy.

    I was happy to earn money this week.

  • Happy:
    – seeing daylight on a huge work project!
    -unpacking cashmere; what I've bought in the past will serve for seasons to come.
    – a magical evening of flamenco guitar and dance with DH

  • Lots this week:
    *The gorgeous grayish putty colured nail polish I have on my toes.
    *Finishing my book proposal.
    *Greek strawberry yogurt.

  • IĀ“m happy that this week has gone quite smoothly at home. I have had time to do my things without hurry. The weather has been sunny and not cold. Everyone has been healthy !

  • The weather here in the Northeast made me happy this week! I love the Fall, and it's finally here.
    (Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day.)

  • Cannot wait to read more about color!!! Color makes me happy. Textures too. Curiously, I discovered that thinking of certain colors i certain materials, made me feel happy. Seeing it too, but seeing it in my head seems to be enough. For instance: A purple metal enameled object. A clear blue car. The combination of old silver and old glass ( a beautiful lamp with no other color…). A piece of yellow satin with natural linen. Grey tweed pants with shiny dark red leather sandals. Mmmmmmm. Here comes the clothes…

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