We Have Moved!


You may have noticed that yesterday afternoon (my time anyway), my blog moved – it’s now hosted has a new url address https://insideoutstyleblog.com

In the move we’ve lost some boxes – my blogroll for one, and I’ve got to find out how to put it back on (blogger works differently when you host yourself). I’d love some help if anyone knows the tricks on getting all my gadgets back!
If you’d like to go back on my blogroll, please can you leave a comment with your url so that I don’t have to spend 5 hours searching for you all again!
Also if you have my blog on your blogroll I’d love it if you could change your the url to my new one https://insideoutstyleblog.com so that you don’t have to keep clicking the “yes I want to be redirected” button.
Thanks for your patiences – normal services will resume soon!


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  • Hi I: Just so you know, when I tried to add the new url into google, it told me the feed being requested can't be located. Not sure if this is a challenge on my side or yours…


  • Hi, I thought for a minute that you had vanished totally, but found you through a comment for Duchesse. Congratulations!

  • If you go to the main site for Blogroll & enter you login details, you should be able to find some code that you can insert into your sidebar of this new blog.

    Not that familiar with Blogger though – I use wordpress self hosted for myself & my clients & find it much easier to use.

  • K.Line- I've moved again – hopefully the issue will be sorted.

    Metscan – I wouldn't do that to you! Glad you found me again, I'd have missed you.

    Jane – thanks!

    Embellessiment – done!

    Tat – will do!

    S. Thanks so much.

    Markinka – boxes gradually unpacked.

    Deja – thanks – thought it was time to move out of home, go out on my own!

    Helena – think with this second move I've sorted it.

    Duchesse – you're back.

    NotSupermum – thanks for visiting!

  • Imogen – Got your link changed on my site! I luckily didn't have any hassle finding your new site. Whew! Major crisis if we'd lost you. I'd love to get added on your blogroll. http://www.imageinterpreters.com.

    Also, have you ever considered providing long distance fashion consultant training? I'm a huge fan or yours, you give such great advice, but I'm a SAHM in the States. With all the technology available today (web cams, online meetings, etc.) I think it's totally possible. It could even be as simple as accessing lessons you put up on a website and emailing in our "homework". The few online image consulting things I've seen seem a bit dodgy. But I haven't conducted a really thorough search yet.

  • Hi Imogen — ever since this move your posts in my rss reader (google reader) have been lacking images and cut off randomly in the middle….



  • Jesslyn – thanks for stopping by – I've added your blog – and yes I've thought about long distance learning – just have to get the technology to work well and to put it into a system that works!

    Sara – I wish I knew why – could you enter the address again and maybe it will fix it? Delete and re-enter (for some reason technology is so tricky).

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