Money Doesn’t Buy You Style and Class


I want you to take a look today at Karen Of a Certain Age’s blog post today about Russia’s first lady, Svetlana Medvedev.

Given her status, I’m guessing she’s dressed designer – so why doesn’t she pay to have her hems altered professionally to a length that suits her figure, buy a more uplifting bra, and look for a jacket with more open lapels that won’t over emphasise her larger bust.
Just because it cost $$$$$$$$$$$ doesn’t mean it will make you look stylish or classy.
As they say, the devil is in the detail.


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  • Oh my. This reminds me of a picture in a book of humor about the Deep South in the US ("New Times in the Old South, or Why Scarlet's in Therapy and Tara's Going Condo.") The picture showed Queen Elizabeth standing with former Texas Governor Ann Richards. The caption points out that the Governor's hem was straight while the Queen's was not.

  • I took a look. Russians are Russians. It is practically in their culture to show off all they own; fine labels, gold, glitter,you name it. They really invest in clothes, jewelry,cars. If you ever saw how they actually live, you would be surprised. Now the first lady of Russia is no exception. I agree that her choices are quite bad. Then again she has not been in her position very long, so I can forgive her. I´m sure that by time, she will find her personal style.

  • I'm with the Russians are Russians outlook. The fingernails that were criticized in the blogpost look just like what Russian acquaintances of mine preferred. The complicated manicure very important. At first glance, my reaction to the hem was that here was someone who still knew that hems are not supposed to be sharp and pressed but left to gently roll under. I'm oksy with it. In general, to me she looked like a voluptuous dumpling in her suit – that's a compliment.

  • I once got my nails done in a Russian salon (here in Toronto) and asked the manicurist not to cut the cuticles way back. "Is NOT! Is NOT!" she cried, by which I understood "This is not a proper manicure and I cannot comply."

    Though I prefer Carla Bruni's impeccable, discreet costumes, I also applaud the glitz of someone determined to not be a brown wren. Suit needs tailoring,though.

  • I'm with Duchesse – give me Carla for classy style, but I'm still happy to see someone wear something that expresses themself (even if she needs a seamstress)!

  • Courtney – when you have all the resources in the world you'd think such simple things could be fixed!

    Metscan – I know Russians are label crazy, and often I think they assume because it is designer it looks great- when that is not necessarily so.

    Vildy – looks like her hem was coming down and she has tried to pin it up with something. The whole fingernail thing is a personal preferance – I hate the really square look too.

    Maria – thanks!

    Duchesse – I love colour and interest and don't want anyone to be a brown wren, unless that is their hearts desire – it's just a good example of fit and flattery that proves that dressing well is not about how much money you have.

    Tiffany – Carla is gorgeous, but then you'd expect her to be so given her fashion background.

  • Oh come on, not all Russians are like that, and not even the majority, so you really shouldn't generalize. And, for your information, most Russians would say that, apart from Hollywood stars, American ladies are fat and scruffy and unattractive. Stylish and dowdy people can be found anywhere. That said, Russia's first ladies have always looked terrible, Gorbachev's wife was probably the only one with a sense of style.

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