How to Flatter Smaller Breasts


Recently, I received this comment on How to Choose Flattering Underwear (Bras and Brief…:

Bras are my nemesis. I seriously have no boobs. At all. Shaped A cups are too big. If I wear an A cup I have to stuff the cup or else it caves in. So, I wear sports bras and other soft cupped bras (when I can find them). I don’t mind having no boobs and don’t mind the sports bras (for the most part), but wish I could find bras that would fit well under evening wear. What little “boob” I do have is saggy, so the stick on thingies are out. It’s not a pretty silhouette! Any advice???

How to Flatter Smaller Breasts

I asked Karen who has a small bust for her experience and tips on how to flatter them and here are her thoughts:

Congratulations on the freedom that comes from being the owner of small boobs!

If your soft cup bras are working for you in your daily wear, I’d say by all means stick to them. You get to skip the wicked wires, hot moulded cups and thick straps. Hurray!

When you do feel you need a little fluff in your cup, I’d suggest you buy the A cup moulded bra and fill the cups with Hollywood Extras Silicone Breast Enhancers.  Hollywood Fashion Tape makes a great assortment of breast help when it comes to your concern about how you can wear a bra under evening wear. If your evening wear is bare enough on top, or sheer enough, consider doing what the starlets here in Hollywood have done for ages; tape yourself a custom bra! Start by lifting with Hollywood Breast Lift Tape, little u-shaped adhesive lifters you simply tape in place. You mentioned you are self-conscious about nipple show-through too. Hollywood’s got your back–er your front–here too! Just stick on a petally pair of Hollywood No-Shows and you’re golden like an Oscar statue.

Being small chested, go ahead and wear chest details that fill out your top portion. Ruffles, ruching, pleating and the like are a great way to add volume. So are sleeves that end around the bust horizontal. Puffs would be great if you like them. Keep in mind the higher your neckline, the larger your bust will appear. The lower you dip toward your cleavage area, the smaller your bust will look. See Imogens teachings on how to distract from the bust area with jewelry too (and yes the post is about large bust, but you can use the same principles to distract from a small bust too).

I also found these resources that sell smaller bra sizes

In the USA Lula Lu who do 30AA right up to 38A – check them out

Nordstrom also sells bras from a 30AA cup

Marks and Spencer sell bras from a 28AA

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  • I'm on the larger end of the spectrum, but wanted to point out that Figleaves can be a great place for women with smaller breasts to find out which brands will carry their size. I am in a hard to find size and I use Figleaves to see what's out there simply because they have so much inventory, and then I try to see if I can try the bras I like on in Nordstrom and then search for great deals online. Just an idea.

  • I too, am blessed with small boobs, and have the exact same problem with finding nice bras that aren't sport crop-tops.
    Thanks so much for the tips and links. I'm not enamored of the idea of things adhering to my nipples, but I guess it's a fair trade-off for all the straps and wires I can avoid.

    Thanks again!

  • Anon – in my searching there are lots of lovely non-stick, non-sports-bra bras around for the smaller breasted woman! Check out all the links at the bottom of the post.

  • I´m on the small side too, but have not found it difficult to find excellent bras. But I hate dresses, tops, sweaters, etc., that go too up. Polos and turtlenecks are my worst nightmare. I agree with the sleeve length though. BTW, I´m anxiously waiting for a post for us all 50++, for some advice on what to wear and what not to wear. I hope you could squeeze this in your busy agenda. Thank you already in advance.

  • Imogen, you have covered so many topics in this wonderful blog of yours, many thanks. Just wondering if you are able to share some tips & advice on what to wear during a weight transition period? I recently quit smoking & have put on a few kilos, so do I look at buying a whole new wardrobe to accommodate the new 'cuddly' me or do I just make do with what I have?

  • My boobs have always been rather "normal" but they "decreased" in size after two breastfeeding babies. Fortunately I've noticed that after 40 my boobs are getting a bit bigger again. Yuppy to the middle age!

  • Imogen, I am still trying to determine my body shape and I am confused. Like your description of the "8" shape, I tend to gain weight in the high hip area under the narrowest part of my torso (just under the breasts, + I am short waisted) and in my bum. However, my waist is less than 9" smaller than my bust measurement. Like Beyonce, I am busty and hippy, and I do have a waist…it just isn't as waspy. Would that mean I'm actually an "H"?

  • Great post Imogen and Karen… very informative. I have a quick question- is there any style advice for women with average size chests.. for example, I am a 32B, 32C on a good day, and I am always unsure of what the best neckline is for someone of my chest size. Every article I have ever read on flattering chests either advise those on the larger or smaller size.


  • I've had bad luck with those nipple covers reflecting HORRIBLY through seemingly opaque dresses when a camera flash goes off.

  • I have the exact same situation as Arizona, and what works for me is push-up bras: the kind of bra with padding in the lower half of the cup to push you up and give you a cleavage. For me, the space left in the upper part is just right to tuck my boob-age into. And then I at least look like I fill out an A cup!

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