How to be Stylish at Any Age


I’ve had quite a few requests from my lovely readers to do some posts on 50+ dressing, so rather than me do up another polyvore, I thought I’d bring some ‘real life’ 50+ into my blog.

Let me introduce you to my gorgeous friend and colleague Jan Fisher – who is an image consultant in New Zealand, and my partner in our Absolute Image Training Institute image consultant training school.

Not only is she a wonderful and generous person on the inside, she’s also a stylish woman on the outside – and this year we’ll be celebrating her 60th birthday!

She’s agreed to let me do a series of posts about her and her style, to show you that it’s easy not to look lambish or old lady, but instead look modern and stylish at any age.

Her lovely husband Warren snapped these photos of her for me this week, and she promises to send me more pics to share with you.

What are her secrets?

Look for the clothes that suit your body shape – she is an H shape, with a longer body and shorter legs. She is about the same height as me – 5’6″ish /169cm.

She loves to accessorize – she wears some great necklaces, and often belts at the hips.

She looks for modern pieces that suit her Urban Chic personality style.

She buys lots of New Zealand labels – such as Verge. She also buys statement pieces that wow.

She’s not scared to try on the latest fashions to see if they work for her – if they don’t she’s lost nothing.

She goes into all stores with an open mind, rather than staying out and telling herself that she’s

‘too old’ for some of the high street chains. She picks the pieces that work for her and leaves the rest.

She may be 19 years old than me – but she’s young at heart, and that shows through when you meet her, she has the best sense of humour and never takes herself too seriously (though in a previous life, she did bring recycling to New Zealand).

What a fantastic woman and friend she is! Do you have a style icon in your life?


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  • Hi Imogen – a great post – and what a lovely lady.
    I am stillhaving trouble posting your blog on my new blog roll. Can you give me the correct url.

  • She's so lovely and stylish, without being a slave to trend. What an inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing more of her style.

  • How wonderful, a stunning woman. I love the Indian-inspired pant ensemble. If there's one change I'd make for women my age (I am 61) it's to abandon menswear for suits- no lapels and cuts like a man's jacket. I too am looking fwd to seeing more of Jan's style!

  • Thank you Imogen! What a nicely dressed lady, yes, a lady. She could go anywhere in those outfits. I´m sure these pictures and pictures yet to come are inspirational for many of us.

  • She looks great. My favorite is also the salwar kameez inspired outfit. I'd love to see how she wears jeans, that is, if she does. I'm 52, going on

  • She looks great! I am trying to understand the length proportion thing; how does she do the hip belt and make it work?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Jane: try

    Deja – she is lovely – will get your more photos!

    Sal – absolute inspiration!

    Duchesse – every time I see her she looks fabulous in her own style.

    Metscan – I've never seen her looking anything but gorgeous!

    LPC – I've asked her for a jeans photo! She wears them well.

    Rebecca – Jan is tallish, and has a very long torso, so the hip belt works for her as she has such a long upper body.

  • So should I try the hip belt thing? For whatever reason, I've always thought it was no good for me, but Jan and I are the same height and sort of proportions, I think.

    I have one or two belts that are that size that I would love to wear.

  • Imogen…
    Thank you for this…I am just about 53 and get so frustrated with the "young" looks. I can identify with #2 and #3…I particularly like the longer jacket look and look for that when I shop. I need to get bold with the fall approaching with some boots. I am a cyclist and my calves are larger than most and I have difficulty finding boots that accommodate muscles…do you have any suggestions?

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