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This is so brilliant – it’s an interesting look at today’s business world. ¬†As a small business owner it really rings true when so many people are constantly trying to beat you down on price.


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  • WOW.. I love this. I own my own small service business (O.T.) and I CONSTANTLY have issues with pricing my expertise and how to respond to potential clients remarks on my costs. I have spent years in University and travelling to gain experience but they want to pay me less than the plumber. VERRRRY thought provoking Imogen. I check your blog daily but HAD to comment on this.Thanks, Maureen

  • A satire that shows some very ineffective negotiation tactics.

    At the same time, financial advisors tell people "everything is negotiable" and always ask "Is this your best price"?

    Organizations expect anyone purchasing to work hard to get the best price and value from vendors. (These sleazy intimidation tactics are rarely used by the companies I have worked with, who care about their reputation.)

  • I saw that the other day! It is so so good and so true! It's best if all consultants (like us) can have a secretary to ask for the money, it's so much harder once you've developed relationships with people.

    I once helped out at a club on New Years Eve taking $50 for the cover at the door. Had this been the owner working the door (who knew everyone) it would not have been nearly as effective collecting the money than I who knew not a soul. They were cranky (expecting to get whisked in for free) but they paid me as they didn't know me and didn't have a choice at that point!

  • Maureen – many people don't appreciate how much time, money and effort you've put into acquiring your skills and want you to give it away for free.

    Duchesse – you are lucky if you haven't had them try and negotiate your prices down!

    Maria – great point.

  • I have had people try to negotiate prices down, why shouldn't they? A price is only an opinion of what the seller thinks a product or service is worth. What I have not had is some of the tactics seen in the clip: intimidation, refusal to pay the agreed price or dangle the promise of future payment: "We'll make it up next time."

    WHen I encounter resistance to my fee I stat, "I assume both you and I have done research about the market prices for this type of professional service. I am ont the cheapest, but do you want that?"

    If a person in business who sells a service or product is not comfortable negotiating price, a crucial part of the selling process, I suggest they take training or find a mentor to help them so they can do so confidently, with respect for the interests of both vendor and client.

  • Duchesse, thanks I will use that advice- think no mentor could offer better! Maria- I have used the tactic of getting my husband to ring from my Accounts Department (I am a sole operator)!. I have become wiser with time and will continue to improve. Maureen

  • Great clip, Imogen. Makes one think, doesn't it! I love the scene at the end where the patron tells the chef he wants to be able to make the fine dinner he just had at home next time!

  • Brilliant, thank you for posting this.
    Everyone is under pressure now and I don't mind if my clients ask me if I can give them a better price. When I have a little room I will do my best to accomodate them if I can. In addition, I make a big effort to offer the best products for the lowest prices.
    In my business every day is client appreciation day.

    And there is nothing like getting an unsolicited email from my clients telling me how much they love what they purchased and how they appreciated the prompt and efficient service. I am exceedingly lucky to have the most wonderful clients.

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