Cute Shoes


This morning as I was getting ready to go to work, my son (who is 7) said to me, “I love your shoes and socks”.

So I thought I’d share them with you.  The shoes are brown snakeskin ballet flats from Tahari and I got them from Marshalls when I was in the States, the stockings are from Target in Australia, they’re just fine brown fishnet knee-high stockings, and the jeans are a straight leg cut from Portmans in Australia.  They really dress up a pair of jeans, but are still very practical and great to run around in (comfort is important to me).


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  • Oh my, Imogen! They are indeed, tres cute shoes! (and I am VERY impressed with you son's sense of style!)
    Have a lovely, well-shod weekend 😀

  • Jamtart – I love them too – and I was surprised about his compliment as he doesn't normally comment on what I wear.

    Jane – and such a bargain too!

  • Perhaps your son has inherited your sense of style? Or you've trained him very well!

    I love the shoes too.

  • When a child gives a compliment you can be sure that it is sincere!!
    I love stylish and comfortable shoes myself. I wish I'd bought some shiny red Repetto flats in Paris last week.

  • notSupermum – given that my son prefers to wear superhero character t-shirts and doesn't care if his trousers are too short – currently he has very little sense of style – but he is sweet.

    pendlestitch – yes he is gorgeous.

    Ingrid – and the compliment I got from my daughter this morning was "I love your fat boobies" mmmm lovely!

  • cute! and a bargain too. I love it that your son said he likes them.. Gosh I miss having a 7 yr. old around. It's not worse now that they're teens, just different 🙂

  • I love the things kids say, and when they compliment you it's especially cute.

    I like how you paired the fishnets with the cute flats. I'll have to steal that idea from you! 🙂

  • Great shoes! I never really wore flats before, because my short legs need that extra inch or so. However, I recently bought a pair and I'm warming up to them. I have to wear them with the right pants so as not to feel dumpy, but they certainly are comfy and make a nice change of pace.

  • Margo – I just love watching my kids grow and change.

    Sallymandy – it's great how something so simple as a pair of fishnets can really add some interest to an outfit.

    Cciele – steal away!

    Doll – My feet couldn't take heels every day!

    Maria – thanks!

  • Snakeskin! Isn't it amazing how it works with everything? And there is nothing like the heartfelt compliment from a son who finds his mother beautiful.

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