Comfy Attractive Shoes – are they possible?


Last week after a shopping trip with a client, I was wandering back to my car through the shoe section of David Jones in Doncaster Shoppingtown, when I spied these shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that don’t scream ‘ugly’ at me. I wanted something I can pair with jeans for running around with my kids, doing grocery shopping and could even wear with a skirt and leggings if I so felt inclined.

So here are the new addition that fits the bill, they’re DKNY Alyssa, and are available from and come in a variety of colours, black, brown, bronze and beige.
I got mine on sale (if you’re passing a DJs and want to see if they have your size).
They would also work really well as a travel shoe – the sole feels almost like a sports shoes sole and has lots of bounce for walking over cobbled streets or any sort of pavement walking. The criss-cross elastic holds them firmly on my feet and adds a diagonal design element that is slimming to the foot.
Yet what I love about them is that they have a more refined look than a pair of sneakers.


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  • Those are kind of cute.

    I have been trying to get away from the whole "jeans and runners" SAHM thing lately, and as a result have been wearing my Crocs maryjanes to death. These aren't ideal, either, but definitely better than runners. I need to get to the Shoe Superstore near me – they stock lots of "lifestyle" shoes. They must have something that's both practical and stylish!

  • Definitely more refined than a sneaker. I like them.

    The comfy attractive shoe is the name of the game in the mountain town where I live. In a given day one might go to a business meeting, the grocery store, and on a hike in the mountains all in one outfit. You wouldn't believe how many people buy Keens and Danskos here. I have bought Keens a couple times but find they fall apart pretty fast.

  • I confess to having bought two pairs of Aerosoles recently. They are actually pretty cute. No really, I promise. You can see what they've got at, you might like some of them. Of course, I don't know about availability in your neck of the woods.

  • I like these!

    There is a 'comfort shoe' threshhold, the sweet spot where the shoe is comfortable but not frumpy. Hard to find.
    My DH refuses to let me wear Birkenstocks, which he calls Birth Control Shoes, and my sons vetoed Crocs.
    Aerosoles make some cute styles but do not have enough support for my foot- no arch in the flats. I wear mostly Arche, a French brand. You can WASH the nubuck ones and they come in yummy colours as well as neutrals, last and last.

  • I loved Campers, and Fluevog, when I used to wear leather. They make amazingly comfortable shoes that I think are super cute (though not all of them). Now I have to keep constant watch to find a non leather pair. Also if I wore leather I would be all over the Crocs You line,151 I just had to try them on in the crocs store when the line first came out and they are amazingly comfortable.

  • Well done. Cute shoe, Imogen!!

    I spent 20 minutes at Taryn Rose's store yesterday. She is an orthopedic surgeon who went into shoe designing. I wanted to find a super comfy shoe that was cute. I left without such a shoe. I am still looking.

  • FrumpyGibbon – there are certainly attractive and comfy shoes coming out onto the market.

    Sallymandy – do you not keep a pair of hiking shoes in the car to go hiking?

    LPC – I have some comfy Aerosoles sandals which are also great and easy to walk around in for hours at a time.

    Karen – black, brown, beige – quite a range of colours

    Duchesse – yes – if you find a brand that works for your feet it's a wonderful investment.

    Cosmo – harder to find – but I'm sure there are vegan options out there.

    Belette – it's an elusive shoe – and as everyone's foot is different somtimes hard to find.

  • Great looking walking shoe – much better than gym shoes no doubt!

    I'm somewhat relegated to wearing "comfort" shoes now and this is a pair I could definitely feel good about putting on in the morning!

  • Oh wow Imogen they are great – I'm definitely going to check out DJ's this week as I'm always on the hunt for comfy attractive shoes.

    Another shop that has a great range of good looking comfy shoes is Cinori at The Pines fyi.

  • Fab50 – it's good to find shoes that are both comfy and attractive!

    Zizzy – I love Cinori – The Pines one one is much better than the one in the city. Their new shop is great too. I bought a great pair of boots from there last winter – then my dog ate them – NOT HAPPY!

  • Ooh, please please, more postings like these! Uncomfortable feet are my biggest excuse for being unstylish… although I did recently discover Mary Janes for errands. But that sneaker habit is a hard one to kick!

  • Sorry to join the conversation so late, but I just found this blog- and I love it. RE: comfy, attractive shoes. I have found the ONLY attractive Teva item ever made; it's called the "Ventura Cork 2 Wedge," and I have pretty much not stopped wearing it. It is not "office-appropriate" for most people, but it has many applications. It is comfortable and safe enough to use in an airport or for other situations where one must walk, and I have received numerous compliments.

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