Off to the Image Consultants Conference


Today is the first day of the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) conference today.  I’m excited to be catching up with old friends, and meeting many new ones, plus meeting some of the greats of the industry.  One person I’m really keen to meet is Brenda Kinsel (40 Over 40, In the Dressing Room with Brenda, etc.) who I’m sure will be there.  I enjoy her books and her approach to image consulting, so this is a great chance for me to get up close and personal with people I admire.

Yesterday we went to Disneyland for my daughter’s 4th birthday, her Nanny gave her this lovely Sleeping Beauty dress which she insisted on wearing around the park.  Here she is outside ‘her castle’
More later!


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  • Your daughter looks so sweet — what an exciting holiday this must be for your children! Have a great day at the conference!

  • If you get chance, could you share with us what you eventually packed? I’d be interested to know and might pick up some tips for a (non-image) conference I’m attending next month! Thank you and have a great time!

  • Oh to be a four year old beloved princess, in a pink frock on a sunny day, in front of her castle. A picture to return to over a lifetime of wonderful moments.

  • Hey weren’t you just at a conference not too long ago! You are a mover and shaker business woman!

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