Why You Should Take Up Your Tops


Fit issues
I was shopping yesterday in Century City, LA with lovely blogger La Belette Rouge and she tried on a version of this top at Banana Republic.

It looked great on her, but was about 2.5″ too long and hit at an unflattering point on her hips and made her looked proportionally unbalanced and a whole lot wider in the hips and thighs.
When I suggested that she have it taken up (a simple and easy alteration for a tailor to do), she was surprised as it wasn’t an option that crossed her mind.  I think she would normally have either lived with the length being too long, or not bought the top because it was too long, when all it needed was a simple alteration.
The top on was very flattering on her figure, apart from it’s length.   Interestingly, on the website, the version she choose is pictured tucked in so we don’t notice it’s length.  Proportions create balance, make the clothes work for you, rather than thinking that there is something wrong with your body because the garment is ‘perfect’ and you are not!
The moral to this story? Don’t let a simple alteration affect your purchasing decisions, or your mental health.
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  • I have to say since I took on board your comments about where my tops should stop I have noticed a big difference.

  • I can’t believe it never occurred to me to hem a blouse. You, my friend, are a genius. I LOVED shopping with you. I am off to the tailors today to have my top taken up.
    Thank you for the lovely day, for all your help and for my beautiful butterfly!!!

  • Jane – that’s great!

    KLine – it wasn’t this colour, just this shape.

    Sal – great to know – we didn’t even ask.

    Belette – it was my pleasure. It was a fun day.

  • You got to meet so many wonderful blog friends!

    I’ve also incorporated ideas about shirt and sleeve lengths and am noticing differences. In fact most of the “wardrobe refashion” tasks I’ve been doing are just little tweaks like that.

  • That is very interesting. It would never occur to me either to ‘take up’ a top. It’s true, I just don’t buy it if it’s too long.

    Thanks for the great tips as always!

  • Being 5’1″, I do this all the time — that’s when a good tailor is invaluable. I also often take up the top at the shoulders, not at the men. Usually I use this option with tank tops where too much (saggy) armpit shows, or the neckline is too low, and is no more expensive than hemming the bottom of a top.

  • Oops, I meant I take it up at the shoulders, not at the HEM (not men!). I really should proofread before hitting enter.

  • Maria – I’ve had many clients say “I thought there was something wrong with me that every top is too long” rather than just understand that manufacturers are working on an idealised body that matches 1% of the population, and that the rest of us need to alter.

    Anon – great that you already do! Taking up from the shoulders is a great alternative if you find armholes too low and you have a good tailor.

  • La Belette looks lovely in the top I bet!! She wears everything so well!

    I spend a lot of time at the tailors and all my dresses, pants and skirts have all been altered. I figure the cost in when I am deciding to buy something. It really can make all the difference.

  • Imogen, I’m envious that La belette had you with her on a shopping trip! Btw, did you take any photos of her that you can share with us? Is she as gorgeous as we all think she is?

    I must get ’round to sending you some photos of me. Although I may be a lost cause.

  • That’s a beautiful top! I bet La Belette looks smashing in it.

    Having tanks taken up to eliminate armhole gap–OMG, duh! I totally need to do that. And I also had never thought of hemming tops. However, I really like long tops — I’ve never met a top that is too long (and I’m 5’3″). Although there is that awkward length: too long for a shirt, too short for a tunic.

  • Leah – it’s great you factor the cost of alterations into clothes.

    Not Supermum – send me some pics – you’re not a lost cause! I didn’t take any photos of Belette – my camera was with the rest of my family who were at Disneyland.

    Duchesse – J Crew is a bit casual for my taste, but I can see how it works with the LA lifestyle. The top we got for Belette doesn’t have that border, just a rolled hem, so no need to worry about losing it in the alteration.

  • I hope Belette writes one of her wonderful, funny posts about the experience of shopping with you.

    I usually have the opposite problem – tops are too short. They have a long way to travel, over the huge girls and down the long waist. I love finding tops that are longer.

  • cciele – it’s amazing how a couple of tweaks and really improve a garment.

    Dollcannotfly – Yes – I know where you’re coming from, but sometimes I even find tops are too long!

  • Hi Imogen, thanks for the useful tip. The problem is that alterations are often more expensive than the items of clothing, at least here in the UK! And I canno saw at all! Maybe this could be a new business opportunity for me!!! LOL. Ciao. A.

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