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The other day I was surfing around and stumbled upon this fantastic blog about colour written by an interior designer Maria Killam.  It’s so full of incredibly useful information on how to choose colour for your interiors I had to share it with you all.

Maria’s blog is called Colour Me Happy , and is full of fantastic pictures and explanations, and things to ponder about the wonderful world of colour that I urge you all to go and ‘follow’ her blog.
If you want ideas and advice for improving the interiors of your home, this is the place to go.
You can Colour Me Happy to have found her blog!


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  • Thank you for telling us about this blog. I love it! Interior design is one of my biggest interests, and this is a great site.

  • I could not resist follow a link to a blog that features such a wonderful photo — I love what that purple does with the sky blue and the earth/stone colours! Thanks for the direction.

  • I found this on my google alerts this morning! That’s pretty cool. Thank you so much for mentioning me – it’s a blogging opportunity – now I’ll do it right back. Love your blog also!
    xo Maria

  • Glad you all like it – I feel like Maria’s blog is the interiors version of my blog in a way!

    And her pictures are just fabulous.


  • Hi Imogen: Thanks for posting about Colour Me Happy. I’m going back there; have seen it before. But, really here to say I love your blog! Just found it yesterday after you stopped by mine. Thank you! This is wonderful stuff you have for women, and I’m going to read as much as I can. Looking forward to it.

  • Imogen – Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    I’m thrilled to get some advice on color . . .I’m always trying to fight the “gray” over here in England. (Although gray can, of course, be a very elegant colour.)

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