10 Reasons To Feel Great About Your Clothes


10 Reasons to Feel Great About Your Clothes

Do you ever think that worrying about your clothes is shallow? That really you should be spending your time working out how to end world poverty? Well here are my Top 10 reasons feel great about your clothes and why you should enjoy your clothing.

  1. If you look good, you feel good and behave in the world with greater confidence. This is why programs such as Look Good Feel Better have such a positive impact on the lives of women with cancer (this is a fantastic cause that I volunteer for).
  2. If you feel good, you project more positivity to the world and make it a better place for those who interact with you.
  3. You can express to the world your personality – without a word you are telling people who you are.
  4. If you care about your clothes and grooming, others will believe that you have the same level of attention focused on your personal and professional lives.
  5. If you know you look great – if your clothes work for the situation, your personality and your body shape and proportions, then you will forget about them and concentrate on what you’re doing and the people you’re with.
  6. The human body is beautiful and powerful, it can do amazing things, so put beautiful clothes on it and appreciate it for what it can do for you as well as how it can make you look.
  7. The right clothes will open many doors to you and help create opportunities that can take you places you could only dream about.
  8. Your clothing is an investment in you and who you are and who you’d like to be and where you want to go in your life.
  9. You can be creative and try something new, or be safe and stick with what you know works.
  10. As the saying goes – Because You’re Worth It.

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  • Fantastic reasons! And I do think the crisis may be over based on the huge outpouring of positive support for Karen’s blog. Goes to show, women everywhere love to read about how they can feel better by looking their best.

  • I completely agree with the comments from the two other lovely ladies!

    Having someone close to me ‘live’ cancer and its consequences, I just wish these inspirational blogs were available at the time. I am sure they would have made a difference to her wellbeing.

    Looking good means feeling good about ourselves and this reflects positivity to the people work and live with and that can only be Good.

  • I’ve been thinking about this too, and you’ve made the case so convincingly! It’s so true that projecting *confidence* is so important, and knowing we look good is great for our confidence.

  • I’m so glad that you see the value in looking good ESPECIALLY in this economy if you’re looking for a job or putting forth that extra effort to maybe curtail or prolong being on the chopping block. It may not keep you off for good but that extra effort certainly matters.

    GREAT POST!! I’m making an effort to comment in support of all of the blogs that I read. You guys are fab and Karen had BETTER stay. I don’t want to jinx it but, I think she is.

  • I completely agree! Why live our lives apologizing for caring about what we wear? I try to just embrace it.

  • Thanks Imogen. Your posts are so right-on, and well organized. You’re saying a lot of the things I wanted to say when I started my blog but lack the training and clarity to say. I’d like to post a bunch of links to your blog next week if you don’t mind. So glad you came over and found mine.

    This sounds crazy but just today I was wondering if I should be thinking more about world hunger.

  • KLine – yes crisis averted fortunately! But still, a timely missive I think.

    Mervat – So true – and I love that the women who come to LGFB always say afterwards how great they feel for the first time in a long time – so there has to be an affect!

    Seeker – Thanks!

    Deja – Thanks – you knew it was true, but it’s nice to see it on the page.

    Duchesse – so true – life is short – live everyday in the most beautiful way.

    Missy – thanks so much for coming by and commenting! I love it when people comment and am so glad Karen seems to be back on a roll.

    Jane – you are well worthy!

    Sallymandy – happy to have you put any links up you like – I look forward to reading your posts.

  • Imogen, this is so funny b/c as I was reading your post I was thinking that Karen should read this and then when I get to the end you had already considered this!

  • I am going to post the 10 reasons on my mirror so each day I am encouraged to put my best outfit forward.

    I will continue, just for you all who have been so amazing and encouraging. If I can inspire joy in caring for one’s appearance, that’s well worth the occasional family criticism.

    Life is short. Look nice.

  • I’m going to print this and show to my husband, dear Imogen. He thinks that clothes are not worth the money! Well, definitely not handbags…I love your post about the colour combinations. I just do not always have the time to comment but I read you all the time. Thanks. Ciao. A.

  • I totally agree. Even working from home it’s important to get dressed for the day (and I must admit to sometimes finding myself still in my bathrobe at noon, sitting at my computer – especially if I’ve been to the gym which delays getting dressed)

  • Really good Imogen and all true without any drama. Easy to share with those who struggle with prioritising the importance of looking professional in order to support their business.

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