Do You Prefer Fashion or Style?


I found this post over at The Blue Kimono – and love it so much I’m republishing it (I hope you dont mind Sallymandy!

Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer.
Fashion stuns. Style delights.
Fashion costs. Style is priceless.
Fashion is mindless. Style is intelligent.
Fashion is fascistic. Style is individualistic.
Fashion changes. Style evolves.
Fashion is matter. Style is spirit.
Fashion comes from outside. Style comes from within.
Fashion is self-conscious. Style is self-assured.
Fashion glares. Style glows.
Fashion is slavery. Style is mastery.
Fashion is literal. Style is original.
Fashion declares. Style insinuates.
Fashion is serious. Style is ironic.
Fashion is reproducible. Style is inimitable.
Fashion is safety. Style is courage.
Fashion is clothes. Style is character.
Fashion is this minute. Style is forever.
Fashion restricts. Style liberates.
Fashion is rigid. Style is spontaneous.
Fashion is surface. Style is substance. 

From: Psychology Today, July 2005.


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  • Food for thought, indeed.

    Fashion, I think, can have value as inspiration, art, and theater. I hated it for ages until I realized that. But I agree that fashion and style can be at odds … and style appeals far more to me.

  • Sal – I think fashion brings new thought and new ways of seeing the world, but not always flattering!

  • Imogen, I’m glad to see you passing this on because everyone seems to like it. Thanks for the link. I also linked to you tonight and sort of referenced what you said about those colors that supposedly flatter everyone…do you mind? I’ve learned so much here already.

    Love your work…Sallymandy

  • Style is the goal. It is sometimes difficult to choose carefully when there are abundant choices. I think that is why the younger fashionistas get caught up in trends. They have not yet acquired the long term vision of themselves that true style requires. I got lucky with a few of my early and expensive choices. Thirty years ago, I purchased Cacherel and Armani when they were new. I also purchased some Charles Jourdan pumps when they were made in France some 30 years ago. My suede Artist Jacket is still a critical piece. The markings and very minute stain or two does not detract from its beauty. Most held up over time (I ams till crying over the Cacherel cashmere sweater that was the victim of moths) and I can wear them as the designs were simple. Of course, there were many cheaper and trendier pieces that did not hold up and were discarded long ago. I cannot even remember them.

    Style is what you choose and end up with after you pass through the fires of trends. Occasionally a trend will build/evolve enough elegance to make its way into a true style.

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