Wardrobe Essentials – Basics You Need to Own


16 Wardrobe Essentials You Need to Own

What are your essential wardrobe staples? My list would be dependent on your climate, lifestyle and of course preferences in what you like to wear.

  1. Great jeans – ideally at least one pair in a solid dark wash as they are the easiest to dress up or down
  2. Great pair of dark neutral dress pants in a classic cut
  3. Coat (weight dependent on climate) in a colour that suits you (could be red, could be winter white, could be black, could be brown or olive)
  4. Jacket that can be dressed up or down to suit the occassion and outfit
  5. Denim jacket (or denim style casual jacket) to dress down skirts, trousers and dresses
  6. Day dress in a flattering fit for your body
  7. Skirt in a flattering cut
  8. Merino or Cashmere (if cold climate) knits
  9. Cardigan in great neutral to work over t-shirts
  10. T-shirts with flattering necklines in a selection of great colours for you (and decent quality)
  11. Knee-high boots for wearing over jeans and leggings or with skirts and tights in winter
  12. Strappy sandals (both flat and with heel)
  13. Ballet flats
  14. Great handbag
  15. Assortment of necklaces/earrings/bracelets/rings to change your look and create interest and originality.
  16. Sunglasses to protect your peepers

I’ve created a little collage as you can see – but you would need a few long and short sleeved t-shirts for it to really work – but as you can see I’ve stuck to a colour scheme here and this could so easily mix and match to create multiple outfits.

You can also use this capsule concept to create a great travel wardrobe too.

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  • The only thing I am missing on your fantastic list is a great jean jacket. Oh, and, I wouldn’t say no to those zebra ballet flats!

  • OMG! Thanks for the link! I think you might be the first. What a thrill for me 🙂

    I think you’ve compiled a great list of basics, and I love how you’ve put together an illustration for it.

    It’s easy to see how most of those things can work with each other.

  • What a great blog you have! I’m so glad I know about it now…

    Thanks for visiting and commenting today…I look forward to reading more of your posts…

    Take care…

    :^) Anna

  • I love how you used RED!!!! I ordered a soft, deep, blue-red cashmere cardigan…Hope it looks good. I have ALL the stuff you show, so I must be set. Great Polyvore Imogen! Look for a big package in the mail in 5-7 days!

  • I love your blog & have learned so much from it. But maybe you or others out there could help me w a blue jean dilemma. I’m an upside V shape, & have never found jeans to fit my shape. By the time they fit my waist, the hips & bum are so baggy it’s crazy. What do other women w this shape do? I would love to have a pair of jeans in my wardrobe, especially as a staple item. I do not own a single pair as it is, & I’m 50. I usually wear leggings or skirts. Or wide leg palazzo pants.

    • Some brands are made for straighter shapes and smaller bums – Jag in Australia, Calvin Klein in the USA – it’s worth going into a jeans store and asking which brands are stright not curvy

  • Good items to pick, but in the collage you have chosen a V neck cardigan, which I think suits my apple body shape better than a round neck.
    To get the same effect with a round neck buttoned cardigan, would you leave the top buttons open or fold the top under to make a V shape?
    Also as I am short /petite are shorter hip length cardigans better to wear closed or open with a t-shirt , shell type top or blouse underneath ? I also wear edge to edge cardigans so no buttons to worry about.
    What neutral colour for cool colouring?

    Shirts or blouses and tunic tops would feature in my essential list to add variety and layering options.
    Thanks for any tips.

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