How to Make Your Small Bust Fuller


If you are more petite in the bust region, and would rather it was a little curvier, here are a few tips on how to make your small bust look fuller.
Look for curved lines – as they say “round adds pounds” so if you want to make something bigger, put some curved lines on it (and of course if you don’t, keep the curved lines away). You are also the lucky ones who can wear longer necklaces and pendants that hit the bust point or below (and I’m sure Wendy Brandes could make you something to flatter).
small bust tips ruffles


So scoop necklines, frills and flounces, anything that has some curve to it.

small bust tips necklace and sheen


High necklines will also visually enhance your bust. Go for the crew neckline if you have an average to longer neck. Metallics and sheen also make the area appear larger.
Look for detail at the bust. The pattern, flaps and detail on the pockets of these shirts and jackets would be a disaster for a busty gal, as they sit right at the fullest part of the bust..

Small bust tips pockets


Gathered necklines and pleated necklines and shoulders will also add volume.

Small bust tips neckline


Prints and patterns can also make the area look fuller – the double breasted style with high neckline of this jacket is only good for the smaller busted woman.  Textured jackets will also add some curve to your bust.


small bust tips - jackets



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  • Your last two posts have been a lovely reminder that there parts of my body that I am happy with. I don’t want them bigger or smaller–I think they are just right.Thank you for making me realize that.:-)

  • La Belette – I’m glad that you feel good about this area of your body – so many women don’t – judging on the search criteria that leads people to this blog.

    I believe that there is no such thing as a flaw – everything is perfect, it’s just that there are some things we prefer to hightlight and others we might prefer to camouflage, depending on how we feel and the situation.

    You are perfect as you are – it is our differences that make us unique and who we are.

  • Had a margarita at dinner, so bear with me. Make your boobs look bigger by:

    1)Getting a bra you can pump air or water into
    2)Do it the old-fashioned way–stuff your bra with toilet paper!
    3) Being PMS!!!

  • I like to wear tops and dresses that have a band of flat fabric under the bust line – similar to empire line dresses and then are ruched or are gathered from this line. Some are gathered to a lower square neckline (I like to wear my structured collared shirts under this dress style), and some shirts just flatten out towards the shoulder line. Most of them are in a stiff cotton or thick knit fabric. The added fabric volume combined with the contrasting waist/rib definition gives the illusion of something without going down the frills route which does not suit me at all. The dirndl combined with a gathered dirndl blouse does the same thing (traditional ones, not Octoberfest costumes) with the extra blouse fabric filling out the more structured corset type overdress while defining the waist.
    Oh, and girlfriends, please don’t count on the pregnancy thing, it didn’t happen for me.

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