To Digress – Why I Love Melbourne


I was given this mem by the lovely La Belette Rouge, who writes the most entertaining blog. She does not love her town of L.A. but I do love mine.

The rules are as follows:

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3. Link back to the originator of the positive SA movement (I have no idea what that means!?): Cheap Thrills

4. List five reasons you love your state!

5. Tag at least five people:I am tagging the following lovely bloggers and I hope their cities are as rave worthy as mine: Of a Certain Age, La Femme Couture, Domesticated Sophisticate, Tessa Scoffs, and Sorting it Out

1. Melbourne has 4 seasons in a year, and often 4 seasons in 1 day – this keeps us on our toes sartorially. One minute you’re dressed for summer, the next for winter – what more could you ask? You get to wear your whole wardrobe all the time, and it’s almost impossible to pack half of it away as you just never know when you’ll need your boots, or your thongs (that’s Aussie for Flip-Flops, not a certain sort of underwear).

2. Melbourne has the best food – we have cafes and restaurants everywhere, you can get any sort of food from any part of the world. We have a China Town, a Little Italy, a Little Vietnam … we don’t need to travel the world to try other cuisines, we can get it all right here. And if you like coffee (which I don’t) apparently we have some of the best in the world.

3. Melbourne has lots of great clothes shops, and I love shopping. Talking to a friend in the fashion industry recently, she said that Australia actually has more apparel retailers per head of population than any other country in the world – we have more variety for the size of our population – that can’t be a bad thing!

4. The natives are friendly, and there isn’t too much road rage. Nobody carries guns, and I feel safe and at home. The fact that there was recently a TV series made about Melbourne’s underworld, doesn’t make me feel less safe, because it just showed how the crims are only interested in killing each other

5. It’s big enough that everyone doesn’t know your business, but small enough that you sometimes bump into someone you know when you’re out and about. I also love that we have a river – called the Yarra, which runs through Melbourne, often at only a few metres deep because we’re in permanent drought, but it is an upside down river – the sediment is on the top, not the bottom, so it always looks dirty and brown, yet we love our river as if it were a clean looking one.


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  • Imogen: Thanks for this great info about Melbourne. It’s a city I’d love to visit so it’s great to hear an insider’s perspective!

  • So glad you played. I thank you for that very kind compliment. No, I don’t love L.A. But I thank you for sharing all you love about Melbourne. I hope that someday I get there. I would love to see your lovely hometown.:-)

  • k.line – I hope you do visit someday – it’s a great city.

    Belette – I hope you too visit someday and we can share pithy OJ along with some fine Australian wine and Orange Chocolate

    Angela – isn’t it just the best!

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