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So the conference is over for another year, we all had a great time. I got to meet other lovely image consultants from all over Australia and New Zealand, chat and talk shop (cos it’s not like my husband is interested in talking about what facial features you really need to go for a pixie haircut, I digress again).

So we had some marketing sessions where were fabulous, and I’ve got lots of ideas to implement, ebooks to write, things to do to improve my business.

We went shopping – I took a group of image consultants to my favourite boutique, and we had the best time, it was so much fun playing dress ups with others in the know, who can offer an objective opinion based on knowledge (came home with a jacket, necklace and top).

Had a gala dinner (and nattered away til 1am, oh my poor weary bones).

One of our speakers was Sarah Gale who is a judge on Project Runway Australia – absolutely inspiring – she did a fashion forecast for the next season, talked about her experiences and mesmerised the audience.

Got a new headshot taken for my website (as my hair is a little longer than this pic, as that’s 2 years old).

And got to dress up in a sari, as our last speaker taught us the history of sari’s and some of the 100 ways to tie them (and I got to be a model – and here I am).


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  • It sounds like you had a blast and learned a lot. I love when learning and fun collide. I look forward to hearing more about what you learned. And, Imogen, you look radiant in that photo. Gorgeous!!

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