Dressing as Self-Expression


Your wardrobe is a form of self-expression and allows you to be creative every day.

It should reflect your personality, say something about who you are as a person and your values.

If you choose to believe that ‘clothes are not important’ you are losing out – both creatively and also in taking charge of the way you are percieved by others.

You choose which clothes to put on your back, even if you choose to be ‘invisible’ it’s still a choice.

Humans have always appreciated art (think cave paintings), we appreciate beauty, this is in our DNA. Why not take advantage of the daily opportunity of dressing to choose to make yourself a vision of beauty (like Karen does), and make the world a more beautiful place for us all to live in?

Is this a mission you’re willing to accept?


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  • This is such a good point, becaue it really all comes down to perspective, doesn’t it? When you choose to think your presence doesn’t matter, it’s hard to find the energy to spend time on your appearance. When we start realizing that our presence makes a difference to others around us, it completely shifts your thinking. You begin to value yourself enough to “dress the part.” Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  • I totally agree that we should dress as self-expression. I recently remembered how I like things that are a bit quirky and original and I am really trying hard to incoporate more of that into my wardrobe. I have really let myself get bored with dressing and am really trying to punch it up.

  • Michelle,

    Do you find that you just feel better about yourself when you dress better?

    We all matter, and I think it’s very easy for Mums (that’s Moms to you), think that they no longer matter and that it’s all about their kids and their kids needs. I really believe that if you value and care for yourself, and take some time out for some self-care, your kids will appreciate you more as they grow up, and won’t begrudge that time.

    Plus they’ll have the most stylish mum around!

    d’rae – I love that you’re trying to bring the quirky back to your wardrobe. We can so easily get stuck in the boring rut and miss out on that opportunity to be creative each day. Keep up the great work (love your blog by the way).

  • I love this post. I loved it so much I went to your website and watched you on Youtube. You are fantastic!! I wish there were more Youtubes of you to watch.

    I absolutely think about how clothing is representational of myself. I think of myself as a bit of a post-modern preppy. I feel best in classics with a little twist or sense of irony. There is nothing overly romantic or foo-foo about me and if you put me in ruffles I might break out in a rash. When I shop I think about key words that express who I am and what I want in my wardrobe:
    *smart and somewhat bookish.;-)
    *bold, chic and charming accessories

  • Many think to dress in a feminine manner you have to wear ruffles and frou frou – this is not the case – we can all express our personality via our clothing but in our own unique way – and that’s what makes it such a fantastic thing to do.

    We have to get dressed every day (unless we’re naturists – please save me), so we may as well enjoy it and bring joy to the world in how we express ourselves.

    Thanks La Belette for your kind words on my You Tube appearance. I have plans to do some more of these kinds of things. (of course you could always recommend me to Oprah).

  • Imogen: I totally agree. I would say I have a very feminine style. I wear mostly skirts and dresses. But, I feel like I have pretty good balance of masculine and feminine energies in a yin/yang sense and I think my style represents that balance.

    And, sure, as soon as Oprah takes my calls I will absolutely recommend you!!;-)

  • I so agree. And here’s my problem. When I get my hair cut to where I want it, I’m going to hate it – because I’ll look like everyone else. Ugh!

  • I still am trying to figure out what a “style idiom” is. I love whimsy, but at times I want to be dead minimal. Other times I want to lavish on the pearls and chains. Who am I, really?

  • We all have multiple aspects to our personality, so therefore we want to reflect different parts of our personality on different days, with different outfits.

    I’m more dramatic some days, more feminine on others, but always with a creative twist.

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