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0.08 How to make my more classic structured outfits more friendly and approachable?
5.06 If you have low-value contrast and high colour contrast what colours do you wear with darker denim jeans?
10.15 What’s the secret to the women I see of all shapes and sizes who look effortlessly stylish?

How to Look more Approachable or Authoritative – Use Yin and Yang Design Elements

Using Yin and Yang in Clothing Design to Balance Your Appearance

How to Understand the Yin and Yang of Clothing

More on Identifying Yin and Yang in Clothing Design

Want to understand your yin and yang more fully?  This is part of my 7 Steps to Style program with a specific Yin and Yang quiz which helps you understand how your natural appearance, personality, movement, and voice all impact on how you communicate and how you can use this to communicate more effectively with your image.  Find out more here.

What’s the Secret to Effortless Style?  Authenticity and Your Style Essence

Discover your Style Type here and find out your approach to style!

Tips on Finding and Defining Your Authentic Style DNA

Finding You Authentic Style DNA

What World Champion Gymnasts Can Teach You About Becoming More Stylish

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